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Flowers for Algernon (Charlie)

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Good thinkin!

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Ernest Goes to School (1994)

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The Hangover

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Pirates of the Caribbean series (Jack is initially written as incompetent but later written as a lucky genius)

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Idiocracy - sort of.

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Limitless encourages and glorifies drug use to accomplish your goals.

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It also has the narrative that drugs can ruin your life.

You could certainly argue that it's pro-pharma

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Yea throw in that disclaimer while showing the main character accomplishing everything a man can dream of... from depressed writers block artist to rich congressman with hot wife, using drugs to accomplish this goal. “Tapering off” because he was a special one and “knew how to control the drug”.

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OP is interested bc that's his dream lol

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The Computer Wearing (Wore) Tennis Shoes. There's a few different versions of this movie, but it's an overall good one. So many years ago, we used to have good movies.


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Ok this doesnt quite fit your parameters but Forbidden Planet. Scientist uses alien technology to get super human intellect with some interesting results.

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