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Jaws, Goonies, ET, Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park. These are some of my favorite childhood movies. He’s made a few decent films that I enjoyed since then but honestly I think the guy deserves some credit.

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Fucking Poltergeist alone blows this post outta the water.

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Jurassic Park was an instant classic. I still have the original VHS tape of it somewhere. Surprised I didn't burn the tape out.

Too bad the other Jurassic Park movies sucked.

Indiana Jones was pretty cool, although I thought fighting the Nazis was pretty cheesy even as a kid.

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Duel is also very good.

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Quentin Tarantino.

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Just pay “homage” to a bunch of 70s movies, add quippy dialogue and you got 80% of Tarantino’s filmography

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Don't forget gratuitous violence and the occasional gay sex shock scene.

I wonder if he will get cancelled for saying Nigger in Pulp Fiction though.

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Tarantino had 3 high points, screenplay for True Romance, directing Pulp Fiction, and first ~8 minutes of Inglorious Basterds.

Then a whole lot of shitstain inbetween and following. One of the most overhyped "filmmakers", thank Weinstein for his career.

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I understand the fun in having a scene where Hitler’s body gets pumped full of lead in the context of ahitler being an evil badguy. Now knowing the Hitler was an amazing person who avoided war and who’s name, reputation, and culture has been slandered by the jews for nearly a century: It makes me hate he disgusting jews.

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He raped Heather O’Rourke to death, is a top tier pedo, of course the kike is praised.

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It's called Jewish Privilege ™ OP.

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I tend to agree with you, if we're talking about A-list big-name directors. The problem with Spielberg is that he has no soul. I'm serious, he's hollow inside. He doesn't believe in anything, and for that reason, he has nothing important to say. He's all gloss, no substance. And he's always been that way. He's a second-rate talent who got elevated to first-rate status. Why? Who knows. He's a Jew, and I'm sure that helped him. He can do skillful, competent work. He is able to give a superficial impression of creativity. By that I mean he has a hatful of little tricks that impress some people. But he's not a great director.

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I give him credit for helping define the summer blockbuster fad with Jaws, and the Indiana Jones movies are some of the best movies of that genre.

Other than that I don't care much for anything he did after the 80's. Jurassic Park bored me as a kid, Saving Private Ryan aged badly after getting redpilled on WW2, and I don't recall him making anything memorable in the 2000's/2010's.

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imagine a saving private ryan movie but from the nazi's perspective. Das Boot is kind of like that, though set in a submarine. Great movie.

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Downfall is also pretty good, i remember it got shit back in the day for showing Hitler as a three dimensional person rather than belligerent demon.

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1 Robert Altman for me.

2 Spike Lee - redundant, I know,but must be said.just cuz he's a nigger doesn't allow him to be as amateurish and tone deaf at movie making.

3Tim Burton. Quirky, sloppy ,bad angles galore,gratuitous use of distorted lenses from the '70s.

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