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Trying to fix star wars is kind of like having a girlfriend that goes on a drug bender, fucks a bunch of guys, catches aids, and gets impregnated by niggers. Sure, I forgive her, but we're no longer friends and we're definitely not getting back together.

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Yeah, the idea of Star Wars ever being a franchise worth paying attention to again in this century is laughable.

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Well said.

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why would you forgive her tho

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Kind of like how I forgive my dog for shitting on the carpet. He's not going to cognitively wake up one day and do my taxes as a gesture, he's a dog. So, I forgive him in the same way Kathleen Kennedy is an infantalized social justice warrior feminist that will never change and is literally like a cow that can't help but shit in the field. The forgiveness isn't for her, it's for me to let it all go and move on.

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From the Article:

It's explained that Kennedy is dead set against the plan as it will undo everything she has done with Disney Star Wars.

"It attacks her legacy in a fundamental way," says Doomcock. "It's a stinging rebuke to her authority and vision and repudiation of her brand of identity politics and a signal to a grateful world that The Force isn't female at all but belongs to everyone."


Ms. Kathy has plans to open a female-centric production company,

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Fine good riddance. Just remember israeli/china joint venture Disney will not produce any worthy Star Wars movies ever. Just more evil garbage.

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And TOYS don't forget the TOYS!

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bring back lucasarts ya fuckin mugs theres a good dozen or so franchiese theyve got that need rebooting.

how about SWOTL in full VR?

or TIE Fighter for that matter.

a new Sam n Max? Monkey Island?

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disney I think had been not caring if their star wars movies had less profits and just used it to push an agenda, they may be rethinking this because the corona is hurting their profits at their themeparks and of course movies in general so now they want actual maximum profits.

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I absolutely agree!!!

Can you imagine the board meeting when it was suggested - "Let's close down the Cruise Ships, Movies, All 12 Theme parks world wide and Hotels and Vacation Sites for at LEAST three months... I wonder what that would do to our bottom line!"

The need to profit is a good thing if they make better movies because of it.

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It'll be interesting to see. Will they reverse on woke shit because woke goes broke? MSM is still doubling down at the moment. Corona might be a hoax also just done to hurt all businesses equally, media companies like disney and many others might be thinking well if we go broke going woke it will even out if we hurt every other businesses profits.

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Rian made the greatest Star Wars movie ever, and hid a red pill behind the blue hair.

Canto Bight doesn't fit smoothly into the film, intentionally perhaps- it is symbolic of the mystery babylon Hollywood//Corp Media abuses- children, animals, controlled by arms dealers.

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it's saying arms dealers are bad but that is common in movies.

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It says what I said it says.

You articulated part of what it says, but deny the red pill... It also specifically shows that arms dealers are in control of money and of Canto Bight (Mystery Babylon) itself. And it specifically identifes Canto Bight as Hollywood/MSM/MB.