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Jewish bankers funded parts of the burgeoning NSDAP movement in an effort to profit from an eventual war with the soviets. Remember, the war profiteers fund BOTH sides.

The nazis used this only to regain control over Germany. Once the banking jews realized they had lost control over Germany they started to fund anti-german sentiments across western Europe and in the US.

Made no sense for Britain to go to war. It had no interest in Poland. Hitlers speeches are the ultimate red pills. He speaks about a rootless international clique, international hyenas that prey on Germany. He says it doesnt matter if you vote left or right, the opposition is controlled. So many truths relevant for today.

The 6 million is a fabricated number. It is an occult reference to 666.

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Cool story, but Adolf was jew.

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seems to me that there is strong evidence AH was a patsy or an accomplice.

two years in England prior to the Beerhall Putsch (at Tavistock?), all expenses paid by jew banks to get his party together (beer money for brownshirts etc), extracted from Berlin in the final days by the British (Ian Flemming), retired to and died at a ripe old age in S Am (FBI).