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See also: "They Live".

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You could be onto something:

Dreamcatcher (2001) is a novel by American writer Stephen King, featuring elements of body horror, suspense and alien invasion. The book, written in cursive, helped the author recuperate from a 1999 car accident, and was completed in half a year. According to the author in his afterword, the working title was Cancer.[1] His wife, Tabitha King, persuaded him to change the title. A film adaptation was released in 2003.

In 2014, King told Rolling Stone that "I don't like Dreamcatcher very much," and stated that the book was written under the influence of Oxycontin.[2]

First book he wrote after his near death experience. Under the influence of even more drugs that usual.

He essentially predicts Memes as a form of incorporeal invasion, when "Mr Grey" is revealed at the end to only be a "psychic idea" not a physical greebly like they show in the jew-directed movie. It's muddled and has all King's usual issues of being poorly planned and obsessed with bodily functions, but the movie had an extremely weird vibe to it (that went beyond the surface level mishandled directing job) that makes it memorable.

Remember also that the "Alien Invasion" manifests initially as an animal-to-human contagion (covid), then shapeshifts to a black-dick looking "ass burster" (BLM - Muh Dick), then becomes a pure Memetic force (anti-white propaganda? - the main victim constantly fights the invasive alien idea in his mind, while essentially on a mission of self destruction to "spread the Mr Grey idea" via a distribution node - waterworks in the story, but a solid conceptual parallel to social media).

Worth noting too that of the main crew of guys, none are diverse. No blacks. No girls. And one is a "super-powered autist" who awakens his friends abilities to be able to see "Mr Grey" when he comes. And the biggest battle happens in a man's mind - in his "Memory Palace" - ie: his collected and collective knowledge - the storehouse of his culture and identity.

The guys are all misfits, because they've been "awakened". Creating super-pattern recognition abilities that hurt their relationships with normies. One is outright suicidal. One's a cant'-get-a-date. One's an incessant shit-talker and meme-machine (spewing a record amount of weird in-group slang eve for a King book). Basically 4chan writ as a group of buddies, except without the feet-faggery and anime weeboo shit (though they do talk about the sexual attractiveness of cartoon characters at one point).

And it all takes place in a snowy (White) environment. The contagion is depicted as a red dust that coats everything. Whiteness being over-run by (((red))). Strangers come infected and when given aid or hospitality, release the second stage version of the invasion which ends in the death of one of the crew (Farmer and the Asp, Frog and the Scorpion - our altruism/charity is an attack vector).

the working title was "Cancer"

Changed it because it was too fucking obvious maybe.

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That's a real weird one, but I wish I could find my keys with invisible finger rays.

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you should have 1000 upvotes not 8 my fellow voat goat hero. they live is literaly the story of how the jew destroyed america

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from: doglegwarrior

you should have 1000 upvotes not 8 my fellow voat goat hero

Points don't matter.

Example: his 3:49:53 comment vs my 3:49:44 comment.

At the moment, 36 points vs 1 point for essentially the same comment.

His later, largely identical comment got noticed while my earlier comment not so much. This is okay with me because truth is what matters. Forum "karma" is a distraction.

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I saw "They Live" as a really young kid, and it forever changed my views of the world and made me very skeptical of the official narrative of things.

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John Carpenter has had to pretend "They Live" is a critique of capitalism! LOL

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Thats what i'd do i I was him, who invented, and who runs (((capitalism)))

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That sounds like a hilarious way to shut down green haired campus communists actually. "Um, you're critiquing capitalism? That's pretty antisemitic of you."

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You know another movie John Carpenter made? They Live.

He publicly swears it isn't about jews, but we know he knows.

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The fact that he had to pretend otherwise in the first place is hilarious.

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It's kind of like Elon Musk. "Who controls the media?" And the media goes wild with antisemitism accusations.

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A movie about hostile shapeshifting aliens that use media to brainwash and subjugate humanity....... sure capitalism

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Sounds like communism

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Reptilians by David Icke

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Interdimensional Shape Shifting Child Molesting Lizard People by Alex Jones

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Jones isn't on about reptilians. That's a reddit meme. For him, it's interdimensional demons and occult pedophile elites.

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That's an interesting take on it. Amazing movie. Everyone here should watch it at least once.

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It was a really scary movie for the time.

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Citizen Kane, The General, and It's a Wonderful Life were all despised by the elite critics when they came out, even though they're among the greatest films of all time. The Spaghetti Westerns were hated too, and so were even the best 80's action movies. John Wayne was always a people's actor, too.

The elites despise anything heroic or spiritual. They also despise truth, which is why comedy is so underappreciated, because the best of comedy is always a bit too truthful. Dying is easy. Comedy is hard.

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But they loooooooved Midnight Cowboy.

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(((the elites)))

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Had some time to stew on this.

I hope you read and respond, as I love discussion , it expand our thoughts.

When I read comments of goats about movies like the Lion King or the THING and read the kind of interpretation they are capable of exploring and sharing with us. I am blown out of the water by it. I even feel at times jealous. But I understand that much of the ability to do what they do, is having specific experiences in their minds and using them as a filter almost to see a movie that everyone else can see too. But in the end it's as if they watched a completely different movie.

Which is what gave me a sort of "eureka!" Moment and I'd like to share it, although I'm sure many goats already know it like they know water is wet.

The critics of the movie were mostly jewish. They were old enough to know enough about jews to watch the movie and see it through the filter of someone who belongs to a race of people that gain power and influence throughout history by infecting and invading other cultures but doing so by looking like them (the jews holy book even mentions to have the children of those who are the majority of the land, the original habitants, since they don't look at DNA and genetics like others do, they look at the maternal DNA, and in addition they rely on their holy books making the young jews feel like victims when they learn about them and over time the concept of liberalism, socialism, marxism springs up as a natural way to run the world. Ffs, they're told as kids they are the "chosen people", just no one tells them WHO chose them.)

Hopefully at least one goat reads this and it isn't a waste.

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And to my knowledge it hasn’t received a modern “gritty remake” like every other movie ever, even ones that came out only a couple decades ago.

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It has a modern prequil. It's pretty good too. Definitely watch the original first though. They are both titled "The Thing" so it's easy to mix them up.

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Oh yeah, the newer one was actually pretty good.

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Would be tough to top those effects. On a side note I remember reading a few years ago that if you understand Norwegian then the entire plot is laid out in beginning by the guys hunting the dog

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Well, that ruined it for all of 0.05% of the population then!

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The Thing?

It got remade I'm pretty sure.

Edit: The remake I'm thinking of was a prequel.

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It got a prequel in 2011 which was hated due to crappy cgi

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Ooh OK, that's what I'm thinking, it got a prequel.

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