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they dont own the rights to historical figures, you could make the same premise with totally new story lines and a diff look altogether

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You did it! Fuck yeah, my man.

I loved this show. Funny and a lot of great social commentary. Great voice actors too.

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What? I’m only half way through the dang thing I’ve just got to the EP where, as it says on the Wikipedia article, !

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Clone High was taken off the air due to a boycott campaign by street shitters, who were angry at the Gandhi character. It's one of the earliest known examples of cancel culture.

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I was watching this the other day and it came to mind that Voat would really love the "Snowflake Day" episode, combining and changing the winter holidays into one, generic, corporate holiday while getting in one final death shot to imply that those taking part in it were "precious little snowflakes" all the while everyone but Joan of Arc mindlessly accepts the fraudulent traditions and rituals they're fed.