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Stranger things is a reflection of the insanity that keeps projecting itself into our lives. Most of us in middle america are still living the 80s. Yet these fucking monsters released by govt idiocy keep threatening our way of life. The same fuckers who released these demons on us refuse to even acknowledge their role. Stranger things is a tale of shattered normalcy that every normie can understand but many refuse to name.

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Most people don’t believe they can do anything to change anything. Most people are idiots and are weak, and have no influence or even a small modicum of power in their own worlds.

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Your not wrong. We do live in the upside-down world.

Milie Bobbie Brown was born in Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel. Winona Ryder the godchild of mikultra superstar Tim Leary ditto; Harbour probably, from Weschester County ov vey sounds like it with his wacky causes; the little kids obviously except for one. Can we get a diversity of cast members. I mean it applies to everyone but them, doesn't it? They cast one black kid and disabled muh diversity. No Asians, illegals, tranny kids, but we have the one gay'd teen female whoopie.

Of course the little girl has super duper superpowerz whose father (Harbour plays a bumbling toxic male buffoon). The identity is toned done a bit (not much) and disguised by nostalgia. The producers wanted a product to sell that wasn't immediately pooped on.

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Same with napoleon dynamite and that 70's show. Different demographics same concept.

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I watched 1 season, I got bored and couldnt watch S2, maybe its ok or maybe i got more 'woke' to the bullshit that is hollyweird. I do watch some good movies or show once in a while, stranger things is not one of them, its average.