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personally I'm glad they keep doubling down... by 2025 our "hero" will be a blaxican teen female in a wheelchair who magically beats able-bodied men in hand-to-hand combat over and over.

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You should write that movie. Don’t let your memes be dreams

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i don't want to see that movie.

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Keep destroying your own propaganda machine. I haven't seen this many kids playing in the streets in years. Hell, some of the fuckers have started reading books again.

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Let the terminator go, two was enough.

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I think in the past 5 years the only new movies i have watcheched or am excited for is the john wick series

every terminator is just the same rehashed script

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lol the new john wick movies are complete garbage

[–] SuperFail ago 

I guess nothing lasts forever and the Terminator franchise sucked after 2 and arguably 3 if you liked 3. They are just sucking every last drop out of it at this point.

[–] rockbot6669 ago 

They are going to ruin movies!

[–] robowriter ago 

They think by destroying all these franchises they're laying the groundwork for the future decade and generation to come but all they're doing is destroying themselves. They've done the same in music.

Great day for movies and the rest. Good riddance.