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Good thing pirated movies cut that shit off

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Why are you giving hollywood your money?

Once long ago I felt a little guilty about pirating. I rationalized I was never going to pay for such and such movie, so I wasn't 'costing' hollywood any money.

Now I have a much better rationalization - Hollywood is full of hedonistic liars who are connected to the 'Intelligence' Agencies which are undermining the entire world in order to sow chaos and increase concentrations of wealth and power. At this point in time Hollywood is involved in layered and complex 'zersetzung' of morality. By increasing depravity, by using fiction and drama to increase enmity between groups, Hollywood and the media have set themselves up as enemies of humanism.

Get rid of your TV and your DVD player and start pirating like everyone else.

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I get all my movies from the library

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Better yet, stop watching entirely, because as long as the Jews have your eyes and ears, they have you by the balls.

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The only people who suffer through that also suffered by paying for it.

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I get ALL my movies from the library. Doesn't cost me a dime.

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...and you wonder why I was trying to get you into video games

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"In a world, where ruthless pirates savagely rob the poor hard working men and women of Hollywood..."

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HAA! All the thieves were white. Fukn hollyweird!

[–] SuperFail ago 

This is why you never buy or use dvd's. You just pirate them. If they want to be cocks then do not support them. I see movies I want to see in theaters if they aren't cunt sjw fests. They can take their media control and shove it right up their asses.

[–] shbbougter ago  (edited ago)

Kikes steal these stories from us via gangstalking so even the original movies constitute a criminal theft. WE should be suing THEM for piracy.