[–] robowriter ago  (edited ago)

Never happen as Cusack is not of the tribe like Reeves. Cusack not one of the chosen ones so some doors remain shut, and is currently non-politically correct but apparently not enough to get him thrown out of the magic pedo unicorn world of hollywood.

[–] con77 ago 

you got DA right

[–] Bigcat19d ago 

I sense sarcasm in this post. Trying to light a fire. John Cusack as John wick? No. Constantine... no

[–] mons_doof ago 

We'd get talked to death.

You know the scene where Neo stopped the bullets with a wave of his hand?

Cusack would have talked to bullets to death and they'd have fallen to the floor.

And can you even picture Cusack feeling the urge to talk to each and every Mr. Smith?

It would have been an ten part movie and we'd STILL be waiting for the finale.

[–] My10thaccount ago 

You're insane, John Cusack in The Matrix? No