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That movie taught me blacks don't need shaving cream because they make their own grease.


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This is one of those movies that when I catch it on, I have to finish it. No matter where it is at when I arrive. The only other movie that's true of is Good Fellas.

It's too bad what Hollywood did with the franchise after the 2nd one. The second one was decent. I almost shit my pants laughing when I saw that Adrian Brody piece of shit hit theaters.

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They should have used him as a tracker, zeroing in on the predators with his enormous schnoz.

[–] GlowWorm ago 

He smells crime.

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I'm the same with Back to the Future, also agree with the guys surveyed.

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Women are overgrown children. You know how women can relate to children but it kind of stresses them out after a while? Yeah, that's us men relating to you.

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Any time

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Jeez, you've got a big pussy.

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Jeez you've got a big pussy.

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It's a jungle bromance.

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Did you see my late night post of Predator: The Musical? Hang on, ill link it here... https://voat.co/v/music/3323411

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Too bad Shwartzanigger turned into a complete feminine faggot.

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I thought marriage was wonderful but I was pretty much the only one out of all my friends that was in a happy marriage. As a matter of fact thinking about it I don't really know too many people that have been in happy marriages.

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Just had a boomers wonder why no one wants to get married anymore. It's because we've seen that they're all miserable.

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Because the kiked courts have allowed women to divorce us without penalty and they even benefit from their divorce.

[–] RedditSureDoesSuck 0 points 4 points (+4|-0) ago 

The rebuttal is that is misery is worth it, with the counter-rebuttal being "is it?" And then it all gets subjective.

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