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I tend to believe historical-fiction type movies are made to whitewash events instead of reveal them, so for example in this movie we're told Van Doren was given the correct answers by the show producers and that explains everything. Could the truth be far more shocking?

Imagine how a contestant on these game shows might fare if they were psychically skilled and could draw on the power not only their own personal memory and intelligence but also on the memories and intelligence of an extensive social network, a hive mind.

Now imagine that TV shows are produced with the implicit goal of drawing in these socially networked individuals acting as a lure. Perhaps the shows are created by intelligence agencies for this purpose and successful contestants are recruited by these agencies, or they become unwitting assets.

I believe the truth about our world is far stranger than we're led to believe by TV and Hollywood. Movies are designed to reassure you that nothing unusual happens without your knowledge. They tell you, "Yes there was once an injustice in our world but finally truth prevailed." Did it? The purpose of these media products is to kill curiosity, instill consensus conventionality and passivity so that you become easy marks and ideal slaves.

I haven't seen Redford's movie about the Lincoln assassination but I fully expect it to be a similar whitewash that revitalizes a false historical narrative because that's what movies are for.

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If I ever was FORCED to meet him, I think I would beat him to death. Then Alison Lohman would be creaming her jeans wanting my manhood in her mouth.