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Every Goat should read his autobiography. All "baste black man" aside, if he was alive today, he'd be a Voat Goat. He was a black separatist, who hated Jews, and that's why he was killed. I think he would have agreed with this poster.


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He also renounced Islam and turned against Elijah Mohammad before taking a shotgun to the chest.


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There's are quote attributed to him about the media having you hate those you should love or vice versa, something like that


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This right here is what we should really be using deepfake for


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You can't appropriate a produce nothing culture. Even native Americans were smart enough to run with the eco-homo-feather-wearing-nature-loving bullshit lie


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Antisemitism, just like hatespeech, or even more ridiculous in my opinion is cultural approriation, are words or terms used as a psyop weapon.

The grandfather so to speak is “conspiracy theory” : a short wrap up should suffice :

con·spir·a·cyn. pl. con·spir·a·cies

  1. An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.

So although literally from kindergarten kids hiding toys from each other, up to the levels of Bilderberg and above, this goes on

millions of times every day, yet see the wiki def:

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conspiracy_theory a sidenote on wiki : google of elsagate f(sh)ame uses it for ... what fee ?

Yet users are asked for donation every other week. Not talking about the problem when this easily edited site serves as authorative

source of information or .. indoctrination.

Then compare to:


I am surely not advocationg violence, but the focus should obviously be on the physical integrety, see the point regarding LAW in the Blog How to save.. where a interconnected template of simple societal rules is laid out, which can ( especially if implemented – Blog on Implementation ! – together ) solve many pressing problems, and instead the most ridiculous “crimes” like hatespeech are are used to imprision – and that is how it works:

  1. inundate the media and thus publice discurse, with these psyop words.

  2. as soon enough people accept them, they become a new social standard.

  3. then through complicit politicians – see Blog one how to solve this – it becomes enactable law

(the threat of it is often enough for self censorship, but it helps occasionally “ein beispiel zu statuieren” off course) people!

Other buzzwords used as mindtraps so to speak include “refugee crisis” to drown out the more precise “replacement migration”.

Here a sidenote is warranted:

The EU, with scant democratic legitamicy, could have been a fine example tolerance and peacefull cooperation, the road to be taken was countries with

similar economic and cultural background GRADUALLY easing border controls and enabling free movement. This while at the same time the COST for

the individual (like getting seperated from friends and family, looking for a new job, learning a new language pssibly etc) would be counted by them against

what they receive in terms of better social welfare etc. Here see the post i did on vaccines with the pic from @ garbageman with the mosquitoe, as this consideration

is applicable to many core social questions !

Instead the richest and safest (and once upon a time most law abiding and democratic) countries are torn to shreds:

Ordo ab Chao in action.

Although the real corruption goes much further and there are various layers of comprtamentalization and insultaion, one actor obviously

would be

closedsociety404 (pun intented and search for his posts as they are very instructive and gave me the idea of how to implement the template!) foundation

of G Soros.

So how to facture Atrazine in this situation ?

It ties in with transgender agenda, elsagate and depopulation. I am not going to elaborate on this further, as i want

to leave this Blog in 20 minutes : – D but if you read some of my posts relating to these topics the gist should be easily to get.

Two relevant pieces i leave as addition : James Bridle made a brilliant TED talk on elsagate without using the word once.

Truthstreammedia has a relevant video regarding the flood of unicorn symbolism. For good measure, but this should be self evident,

see the treatment the scientist exposing the Atrazine received, and ask yourself why a shill like AJ drowned it out with gay frogs ..

And if you have the stamina to cope with gross stuff, then check the post on the vigilant citizen site on “mushroomland”.

So the wrap up is why Amazon hates books. Admittedly i hope this clickbait fullfilled it`s BENIGN purpose : – D

The books were just the trojan horse, than check the data farms, whole food, and how even the oughtta be split up quasi or defacto monopolies of FacebookAmazonNetflixAlphabet (Google) fame, are part of an even bigger controll grid, which even merges via dragonfly with chinese survaillance !

So it is rather easy and not doozy, as they want ebooks where every minute detail of your reading can be monitored.

“ Alexa .. “ Furthermore, like with delated YTube videos or adapted wiki entries, that is how the collective memory can be molted.

As Voltaire said : –D

(check my post with the No more Heroes song, the “fanification” of tropes like cultural and scientific theories - Freud, Einstein etc.! -

is really another tool of brainwashing the masses)

“ History is a lie commonly agreed upon ”

So i hope you were lucky enough to watch the JohnXIIHawks video: https://invidio.us/watch?v=wI6nLuDKIjo

If not, get the books, pay them cash, pass them as xmas present .. and do NOT ask ALEXA for permission !


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Malcolm X hated democrats with a passion. They should let a black actor deliver the message every time.


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Need to remake EVERY blaxploitation film , with Whites as the badass Heroes, blacks and jews as the villains - "Shaft", "Hell Up In Harlem", "Truck Turner", "Sheba Baby", "The Baron", et al. As the title says....


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If only it went both ways. But then what would the color colors whine about then?


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Webster please.

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