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The one on the right is Drew Barrymore.

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The big yellow one is the sun

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I got a cup of dirt

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what exactly was the story again? She got anally raped or something?

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From an old Reddit conspiracy post:

I have read extensively about this story and the alleged truth behind her death ie bowel obstruction. I also have Crohns and colitis, and while by no means an expert, I have a grasp of the terminology and personal experience to go by.

If the official narrative is that she died from a bowel obstruction and sources say she was repeatedly anally raped as a child, it would make sense that that sort of trauma could cause fissures and/ or obstructions. Repeated trauma to the colon (were the penis would be going) could cause strictures and a narrowing of the colon. I believe that yes, she did die from sepsis as a result of colon blockage but I do not believe it was a hereditary disorder. If the abuse started when she was three or four then it makes sense that it would be deemed a preexisting condition. Anal sex on someone who already has multiple colon traumas would be extremely painful and could tear the colon altogether leading to toxic shock. That’s what I truly believe she died from. Gotta take the words of Hollywood docs and Cororners with a grain of salt since they are all in the back pockets of the studios.

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If you haven't yet, look into fecal transplants if you're still suffering from Chrons and colitis. Shit sounds nasty but combined with good diet, exercise, and sunlight, I've seen it work a bunch of times.

Also, I've known four people that had "Chrons" for years that actually had gall stones that had gone undetected. In all cases, when they got their gall bladders removed, the Chrons/colitus shit disappeared.

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I bet you drew Barrymore knows

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They will kill anyone that talks (that has evidence/eyewitness testimony). It is not a game.

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Sure, I don’t doubt she was raped too.

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The parents that profited from this should be investigated too. Just to lead (honest) investigators to the big fish, but still, how could you as a parent, NOT know?

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I feel like Oliver Robins, the boy who played Robbie in Poltergeist, would know something about this.

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Her ass tore itself apart, and she bled to death. Rare condition. no one's fault really.

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Do I see an ugly jew there?

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yeah, a typical crooked face jew kidnapping aryan children.. Nothing new under the sun

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Not just him but many of the power players in hollywood. I think Heather was anally fucked to death by a train of lawyers/producers/financiers but no one cares. The law doesn't apply to hollywood so keep giving them money.

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