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Niggers can't swim.

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maybe this will encourage more to try, perhaps with exciting deep diving scenes

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just throw a few watermelons in the ocean. they'll TRY to swim.

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Hmm.. If it can inspire a few of them to get into the water..

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And here we see the rockfish in it's optimal habitat. Dead as a stone, but at least it smells better now. It's original scent acts as a natural deterrent for all other creatures.

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Yet another movie with +90% approval rating on RottenTomatoes that for some unknown reason will tank at the box office..

[–] Anson ago 

excellent point lol

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Exec: “Ok how about we live-action The Little Mermaid next, only this time prince Eric saves Ariel from drowning?

Employee: that doesn’t make sense, mermaids can all swi—

Casting director: hold my beer

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Why does (((Hollywood))) hate red heads so much? The recent remake of A Wrinkle In Time, Meg was a red head in the books, they made her a half nigger. The new Spider Man, MJ replaced by whatever the hell that mongrel is. Now this soon to be abomination. I noticed this awhile ago so there are more examples I just can't remember off the top of my head. So what is (((their))) problem with red heads?

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Because red heads are true people of color!

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Or maybe it's because they are the whitest of us.

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I think everyone wants to forget Annie.

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I forgot about that movie. They make Annie and Daddy Warbucks black, but give him a pretty white wife. Of course, they keep the mean orphanage manager white too. So blatant.

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Thanks! I knew there was another recent major remake they black washed.

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Also Triss in the kikeflix adaptation of The Witcher and Starfire in the live action version of Teen Titans.

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Oh god no. I've recently finished playing the Witcher games and the idea of having sweet Triss be played by an ape is just sickening.

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"If I can't have it, I don't want you to have it either"

10-year-old mentality. It's the same reason why Israel has the Samson Option.

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Hans Christian Andersen.

Does he sound multicultural to you??

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If he were alive today living in Europe... probably, sadly.

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And suddenly, for no reason, people began writing NIGGER on every dollar bill

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I like to write the "Despite..." bit on $1 bills, lol.

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write "dirty-yiddish-gypsy-jews" on every dollar and include the SUN character a swastika!!!

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The other question to ask is why even bother making a live action when the cartoon did the job perfectly well? How about some original ideas from the industry at last?

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Disney has been doing this to numerous animated movies made starting from the late 1980s. They're too lazy to making anything new and know NPCs will fork over cash to see this crap.

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We used to get steak dinners now and then and now they're serving up gruel and labeling it as steak and hoping no one will notice ever.

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That's what they want you to think. Unless you mean they have extra shekels for propaganda with no returns

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Disney has made very few truly original things, they are just really good at repackaging and selling it as something more entertaining. This wasn't a problem since there was really no way to compare a film to an old story without it being "new" it's completely different mediums, not to mention the stories were changed to be family friendly (Try making a The Fox and The Hound that follows the book and see if that would fly as a family film.), so it was a new spin still. They did this well.

I haven't bothered watching any Disney stuff in quite some time, so I haven't seen the live action stuff recently, but from what I gather the plot of each is almost exactly the same from the animated movie. They at the absolute least could of put another new spin on it, much like their animated movies did with the fairy tails.

But in the end, when things go corporate, a safe cash grab is better than a risky blowout. The game industry suffers from the same fate now. Corporate game companies like Activision would rather release CoD version 132546 than risk innovating something new because it might be a flop.

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Walt Disney was a pioneer, innovator, and jew-hater.

Disney was awesome, until he died. Then the kikes made it a mission to ruin his legacy.


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(((Hollywood))) will milk every cash cow until it's withered and dead (plus virtue signal for multiculturalism)

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She is the typical Nigger as well. She puts her white mother who raised her down and praises the Black Father who left when she was a kid. Saying how hard it is to be a Black man and all the things they have to go through...……..I hate Niggers so fucking bad, so fucking stupid

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Seriously, why do white people ever even go near black people. They're always going to resent and loathe you for being white.

A white person is never going to win with one, so it's best to not engage with them.

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Some learn because they're smart. Others learn the hard way. And by hard way, I mean they get beaten up and abused and continue to support their piece of shit husband/boyfriend.

[–] Charilko ago 

Oh shit, she’s biracial? Do you know what that means? Her dad and Eric and every other character in the movie will still be white.

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