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Expecting Hollywood Jews to recreate history in an HONEST manner; The Thread.

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"why do they persecute us so?"

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Doubly for anything pertaining to WW2.

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“Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past.”

― George Orwell, 1984

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Man sometimes I'm not sure if I'm glad I'm so unplugged I have no idea wtf is in theaters or not. On the one hand I'm glad and on the other sometimes I feel like I'm missing enemy movements. I have no idea what Overlord is beyond your post.

I dont imagine its important enough to care.

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Operation Overlord was the codename for the invasion of Normandy. Apparently (((JJ Abrams))) made an alternate history movie with Nazi zombies or some bullshit.

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That asshole fucks things up just because he is an asshole. Look at start tell. Couldn't shit it an original idea so he just flipped things around. Kirk "dies", Spock screams "kahn. Start wats. The very first fucking thing he does is make a trailer where he niggered up storm troopers... Because he could. He literally bitched in an interview that the bad guys were all white men. So the first trailer shows a store trooper taking off his helmet and you see boyaga's bottom jaw ape face.

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Does it actually have nazi zombies? If so im gonna say nigger paratroopers is probably not so much of a big deal.

I did watch Dead Snow which actually had nazi zombies several years back. That was kinda fun and not bad in an intentionally bad way.

Edit, so i guess it does have zombies...

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They should make fiddler on the roof with a nigger lead, ha ha

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its not. If you watch the msm youre misinformed. If you don't youre uninformed

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Same here, never heard of it. Regardless, who in the fuck would go see a Pedowood movie about historical events and expect any level of even remote accuracy?

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some people have the fortitude to be able to hate watch these things.

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similar, I just pirate movies every now and then and most of the time I'm disappointed because of their attempt at political brainwashing, or the story is not as good as it could be. I'm not sure I can enjoy american movies anymore it's all just crap to me now. I think I'll stick to watching mostly asian stuff.

As for what you're missing, I think movies are mostly targeted towards children/teens so you're just missing what type of views they'd like to force on them and grow up to have.

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The movie only gets insanely worse.

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glad I turned it off

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Dumbest fucking (((movie))) ever turned off in my life.

Dumb of me to think a "historical horror" would have any less (((politics))).

J.J. (Jewy Jewerson) Abrams, gross.

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If they combined themes from Frankensteins Army and Fury, that would be a good zombie movie. It has to be haunting and have atmosphere.

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First (((they))) made you fight your brothers, then they try and twist even that horrifying truth into something more sinister.

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they make brothers kill eachother, then convince everyone that they were the victims and the brother was the bad guy, then they give your enemy credit for killing your brother while trying to accuse you of the false sins they accused your brother. there is one enemy, their religion and race is the same thing.

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That's what you get for watching movies. I gave up on movies many years ago. Now I spend all my free time learning

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you do any woodwork?

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Not at the moment. Most of my learning is focused on new tech to bring more value to my clients. Big data analytics, artificial intelligence/machine learning, deep learning, financial modeling, etc. I'm also writing an engineering book. Only about 2 more chapters and I'll be done.

I do eventually want to learn welding and woodworking but it's tough to find free time right now with all the toddlers.

You do woodworking I assume?

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Jews will pervert all that white people have. They have went full steam on us. Paybacks are a bitch!

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"Jews will pervert all that white people have."

And HAVE since at least the early 20th Century.

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Payback? You mean like paying back the federal reserve debt with our taxes?

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No, I mean like expulsion 111

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Once the kikes are expelled from America, there'll be thousands of new jobs editing Hollywood movies to remove niggers and hebes for the next hundred years.

Changing history... One of the lessons learned from the Zionist Occupation.

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Did you make it as far as the effigy of Christ burning on a dungpile with the line "Fucking Nazis" over it?
That felt...intentional. A little meta-gift from our jewboi filmmakers.

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5 minutes

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