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If that’s from City of God, she’s likely a mulatto.

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Now we have 2 reasons to remove that image.

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Correct. She is Spanish at best

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Spaniards are white

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Brazilians come from Portugal, not Spain.

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Cidade de deus? I think I watched that once

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only faggot boomers still watch movies

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You go into a sub about movies and complain about people watching movies? But you like videogames. Should we go on your videogame threads and call you a faggot because you are not reading books when you are playing videogames?

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Seriously. Read a book instead.

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Or play a game lol

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good movies exist. not everyone here is autistic enough to seriously think hurrr we'll show those kikes by not watching them. you're a fucking drop in the trailer park pond and always will be.

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heh jokes on you, im a 7 foot tall adonis that looks like brock lesnar. and im having 15 kids. take that jew guy

fucking kike shill nigger faggot

i cant wait to threaten you impotently after you reply

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Not everyone here is bright enough to know that you can watch the kike movies without paying for them

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Just finished Terminator (1984) as a millennial for the umpteenth time. “Go fuck yourself” ———Temronator, at some point, I think.

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Are oyu fucking retarded? Jews depended on film for easy shekel collection. of course its gonna be miscegenation on a (((movie))) sub.

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Brazil is simply fucked up maybe the new guy can take them in the right direction? and Shekel collections? Yes there are many a global trotting Jew in Brazil, they are in Hollywood, they are in London, in Qatar, in many places. The weird Jew types are up to many tricks, trafficking, pornography you name it however after reading voat one group to watch out for is the Masons, they seem to have some dark secrets are in all parts of the world and easily as perverted as the Roman Catholics or jihad mohammedans, sometimes you wonder what the elite really say prayer to? Are they psycho cold atheist or do they pray to some darker agenda? Brazil as a nation forced race mixing upon itself to try rid itself of the hoodrat shanty town 'Nigger Problem' Brazil is a perfect example of the failure of race mixing, the elites thought about forcing through 'branqueamento' or trying to create some new mulatto zambo mestizo casta mongrel race by way of blood mixing Brazilians with each other.

The race mixer political policy was Clareamento racialae branqueamento and this new race they were told would have no problems ...Brazil's government pushed this propaganda hard and said the new Brazilian race would be perfect and solve all Brazil's social and poverty issues. They would try give money and then force some lonely buck negroe and single mother of another race for example white, native indian or yellow to hook up. Of course the policy was a total fucking disaster and the elites still tried to force it, push the race mixer agenda every fucking year by almost forcing it through taxes, they print stuff in papers, would arrange marriage and they the government would bring in horny lonley latino dudes to fuck the angry low IQ sheboon negro gorilla chicks. The Brazilian government would force this policy right up until the 1920s and 1930s, the movement kinda died out and went out of fashion once guys like Mussolini, Stalin, Hitler, Hirohito came along, a lot of Brazilians look at this period of their history with embarrassment or shame. Theodore Roosevelt: After visiting Brazil Theodore Roosevelt Us President wrote an article which talks about how the Brazilian Negro is disappearing of course he was wrong, he had yet to see the favelas, the gangs, the drugs, the massive levels of violent crimes made by the new little half race hoodrat niggaz

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Hollywood wants you to believe that "Well if he is Gay, then he will be the best person for the job because he will do it right" Or "You just know a Black man wont never do anything wrong" They are programming minds to accept Niggers and Faggots and hide the shit they do to kids or other people.

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Hollywood had nothing to do with this film.

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Hollyweird had a lot to do with this film in the Brazil flavela shithole. The propaganda movie City of God, goes through Miramax by a company set up by Jew Isreali dual citizen molesting brothers Bob and Harvey Weinstein, @Whiteflourguy the Miramax company was bought by Disney. It was wrote by Bráulio Mantovani who worked alongside a Polish Jew Rybczynski who dumped his Polish citizenship to avoid taxes, Lund was born in São Paulo, to American parents who emigrated to Brazil before she was born, growing up she had friendship with, and admiration for, deceased mass murdering dead drug dealer hoodrat named Marcinho VP, she worked on Anadconda an expensive film but a dumb b-movie level production with Jennifer Lopez aka 'J-Lo', Eric Stoltz, Danny Rich aka 'Ice Cube' and Kari Wuhrer. the other guy with the film? Fernando Meirelles used to film for years with global Jew Israeli money connections, direct and produce soap operas and childrens tv shows many of which were backed by globalist Jewish Israeli money, he spent time smoking drugs with hippies of Commiefornia and hung out in Cannes a while in his youth? the weird Catholic types are probably also involved with this film, another guy César Charlone has credits as a film maker cinematographer going back to the 80s so need we dig anymore?

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Nothing goes on real film without the kikes giving the final ok. NOTHING.

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Kikes don't just make the filth, they control the distribution.

[–] Zestyclose_Marketing ago 

niggers ,ironically enough hate faggots

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I recognize this scene from Cidade de Deus. Actually a really good Brazilian movie. Give it a shot.

[–] Edenz ago 

It's full of boring propaganda though, I know Brazil through the Brazilians themselves and the liveleak and twitter feeds of Favela, and stabbing and muggings.

[–] Glownigger ago 

Brazilians in general are cancer. I have met some really based ones though.

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How does one see banners?

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By allowing custom themes on subverses. It’s a huge security issue, as a moderator could personally host the images and then correlate IP addresses and access times to doxx people.

Disable custom css!

[–] expose ago 

yup i got that shit gone a while cause of this.

[–] obvious-throwaway- [S] ago 

make your browser wider possibly.

[–] expose ago 

if you allow banners mods can host the images and correlate ip and access times.

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What else would you expect form (((hollywood))) enthusiasts.

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Well if you let the tv programs, (Program you're mind) You would believe Niggers are smart, clean, polite, hard working, caring, great people. The Media hides the crimes they commit or LIE and say it was a White person Not a Nigger just like the "White Racist" in Texas in the Red truck that shot that little Niglet then when the truth came out it was another Nigger the baboon mother owed drug money. See we say Democrats are stupid and that is not true, They OWN The Media (Jews) and are the ones pushing the agenda.

[–] expose ago 

yup tv makes niggers supermen.

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