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Meanwhile I saw Toy Story 4 recently and the animators went out of their way to include muds. Still a great movie though.

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wait... toys need "diversification"?

and i heard SJW's slammed it for not being diverse enough... absolute faggotry

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Yeah, they had Key and Peele do characters in it. They were funny though and that wasn't the problem. The problem was the diversification among the human characters that was just so forced and out of place. You go the whole movie seeing one black then towards the end they start sprouting up like they had to meet a quota or something.

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Thanks for the review. Not a horror fan myself as gore pretty much took the industry over.

Psychological horror movies and good writing FTW, IMO.

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There wasn't that much gore in this one.

At the top of my head I can remember a stabbing to the guts that wasn't really graphic and maybe some ghost injuries makeup from a distance, and also a blink and you miss it puke in mouth.

The tension building in this movies after the first 1/3 is kinda nice and a refresh from the "loud noise jumpscare!!!1! but wait it was just a cat" from horror movies nowadays, but it was mainly from knowing there's a scare coming but it doesn't come when you expect it to.

Also, fucking doll under the sheets slowly getting up.

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Who has not been freaked by a creepy doll as a kid. Pretty good theme, I think.

A bit of gore is always expected but a lot of movies just started to go for shock value I think.

Ghost stories are good, suspense and scares I like.

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That’s what makes movies scary is the psychological shit. When you don’t know what’s doing it. That’s what keeps it creepy. The more hidden it is. Every time the horror movie is like hey here’s the demon it becomes some gay ass action movie to me

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You don't like some gay ass?

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Badadook, for example.

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These movies are fantastic. Insidious, the conjuring And Annabelle all the same people. Majority white cast. No biggers, Jerry, or faggotry within.

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I’m so tired of gore horror. It’s not scary, it’s just gross. Give me psychological horror or the over the top shit out of the 80s

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Horror movies are the last bastion of morality in Hollywood (besides mel of course)

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I don't know, buddy.

Lots of slashers with niggers as protagonists or love interests of jewish women playing white.

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Beside the new Jordan Peele movies which are just predictive programming anyway.

Old school slashers the black was always the first to die and the fornicating unwed teens always die.

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good post. of course the replies are all faggots being dicks. thats voat lol. but i get the same feeling when i see something that isnt trying to force their narrative, i also just watched a movie with no blacks... made it way better

[–] Justsomeone [S] ago 

Thank you.

I just wish we were able to make some quality entertainment besides short videos and funny memes.

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So you're a dick?

How'd you know?

We're all dicks here. You're here. You must be a dick.

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its true that im a fuckin asshole, thats why i love this site

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And yet we have Anna. A wisp of a girl doubled by some Asian dude because the actress, like most in hollywood, too lazy to learn martial arts because it takes away time from shopping and sport fucking. Child's Play who gives a shit what creative geniuses. Men in Black now Whamen in Black and nobody cares.

Godzilla how come no wolfman or dracula this month come on hollywood you gotta milk this new concept. Brightburn evil little boy probably a product of the school system so he has difficulites due to getting feminized and drugged.

Not to mention, so I won't, there's nothing on teevee for those with an average testoserone level of 679 ng/dL, which means medium soy.

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Made by Blumhouse.


Annabelle is from the Conjuring Universe of films, created by James Wan (Asian) and Leigh Wannell (Huge Pozturd).
Both Aussie Liberals from Melbourne (their version of San Fran and Portland rolled into one).

I haven't bothered watching anything since the first but I imagine it's full of subtle jabs at white domestic existence.
They seem to use a lot of "Trad" settings and feature white families in crisis. While promoting that "Ghost Buster" couple who were known frauds back in the day. So it's promoting that 1970s era MK Ultra-related cultural fad of guys like Yuri Geller and New Agey occult spiritualism set against a realist Rural and Suburban aesthetic (1970s Movies & TV was full of this shit - tellingly they were also full of UFO shit too, which you may have noticed has also been on the rise lately - complete with the same sense that a "big visitation" was due).

Don't be so trusting. Just because it's not full blown "Us" or "Get Out" level shit doesn't mean it's agenda-free.

Now, anything using "occult" themes shouldn't be insta-trashed of course. And no nogs is pretty much always a good thing. But always check your six when you notice the environment you've entered is filled with subversive red flags.

Chernobyl was 100% throw-back nuclear-scare propaganda though. Can't believe the Chans fell for that so hard.
Only value was the outnumbered anons posting truths about how radiation and contamination really works.

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No nigger in this movie? No sandniggers and jews also not?

[–] Justsomeone [S] ago 

Silly sausage, there are no movies in Hollywood without kikes in it.

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It is beautiful; for us to tell tales from the stage.

This is the first horror film in ages to tempt me to the theatre. Glad to know my instincts have not waned.

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