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2019 is on line 1, saying something about how it wants you to quit using imgur.

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The Nineties called and they want their "So-and-so called and want their whatever back" meme back.

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LOL - OP called and said "I'm rubber, you're glue"

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It's the current year. I thought we would've moved past imgur by now 😢 .

[–] hasanraza900 ago 

Whatever, but 90's were the best years, they brought play station, gameboy colour, palmtops, laptops and yeah terminator the movie, the best one ever yet.

[–] phoenix883 ago 

A letter from 2016 arrived. It read "came here to say this"

Imgur is part of the cabal. And has a cancerous mobile site. Drop it.

Big tech hires migrants after their business got big. They ruin it by producing bad quality software and Byzantine rules.

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now that jews have run white men completely out of hollywood, they've run out of ideas. funny how that works.

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They don't create. They only buy and sell.

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People have no idea just how profoundly true your statement is....

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And bitch, moan, and clamor for superiority kicking others around.

They absolutely LOVE being pissed and angry all the time. Excluding groups of women, I have not come across people so intentionally upset.


I don't know why your comment hit a nerve...

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You ever hear about Lorentz? From some stuff I am reading, Einstein is a fraud. His "Special Theory of Relativity" was initially the Lorentz-Einstein Theory because Lorentz came up with it first. I must admit, I read Einstein's book on it for the layman, and it was very decent.

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He also plagiarized from Poincare among others. Complete fraud.

[–] foltaisaprovenshill ago 

Einstein's dogshit was popularized as a way to halt advanced technology from developing from the true principles of physics.

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Best bot

[–] meandrunk ago 

Good News, I can still log in!

Bad News, there is an imgur link at the top of the front page! what the hell is wrong with you fags?

[–] NiggadermCQ ago 

Why isn't this closer to the top. So many above it complain about the imgur link.


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The 90s were awesome.

Just cause you were sucking on your mamas teat and crapping your drawers back then don't pretend that you know anything about it.

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I was about to insult you but I realized you were right. The 90's were a golden era between the end of the cold war and the start of the war on terror. The internet was a truly free place, Europe was still European, cell phones were still just phones. It was a good time.

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That's because they were doing shit behind the scenes still. Things have accelerated because of the internet

[–] drhitler ago 

It was real equality, black, gays, women could do anything, but they had to be skilled though not just for the sake of diversity

[–] TheButcherrrrr ago 

It took like 4 hours to download a shitty game demo off download.com but it was still awesome

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What's odd is Music genres froze in place in about 1994 too. Music on the radio sounds roughly the same as it did then.

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What are you talking about? everything is nigga nigga nigga these days

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Which is irrelevant to how Hollywood is morally and creatively bankrupt now. 90s movies were good because there were many imaginative new IPs, not generic rehash cash grabs.

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90s movies were good because there were many imaginative new IPs, not generic rehash cash grabs.

Except that the Nineties brought us a reboot of the 1950's Godzilla franchise, Toy Story was based on nostalgia for specific toys from around 1960-1965, Aladdin was stolen whole cloth from the venerable 1001 Nights, and Child's Play was really sort of an extended re-imagining of a concept from one of the tales in Trilogy of Terror. Men in Black was original though.

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You're a geriatric?

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In the 80s, there was a relatively small theater near the outskirts of a major city. They got ET. It stayed on the marquee for over a year. As kids in school on a bus, we would always look wondering if it would ever change. One day it did. That is when I knew I became a man.

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No imgur dumb fucks...

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But Godzilla is actually from a pretty good director. Trick R' Treat is one of the best Halloween movies of all time.

I really liked the first MIB. Sad to see what they've done to it.

Who doesn't like the first couple Childs Play movies? Heard they also fucked this.

They've fucked Alladin.

Toy Story could be alright.

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That Godzilla movie was so good, OP needs to realize nobody talks about that one Godzilla movie with the fish. That never happened, I actually don't even know what I'm talking about, that's how never it happened.

[–] lanre ago 

Which one that never happened?

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Godzilla is actually from the 50s.

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Yeah, not saying this is a new IP. Just that if they're going to do another sequel like this, at least they're going with someone who has some talent and not putting out a complete piece of shit.

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"Original" movies. Have to be remade to be more diverse. Or something. Fuck Hollywood.

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