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Art imitating life.

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This could be good.

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"The black comedy will center on Becket Rothchild (Shia LaBeouf) — the bastard child of a mother, who in eloping with a jazz musician was cast out from the Rothchild family and its vast fortune — who was never given a fair lot in life. All grown up and armed with charisma, intelligence and a flair for opportunity, it does not take long for Becket to fully grasp the immense gap between his situation and the richest 1 percent, which should be his birthright. He has a plan."

sounds awful

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I'm not really a fan of black comedies, but according to the scenario, the movie should be really fun and worth watching. For regular people, the divide between the super rich and the rest of the world is huge, so it'll be interesting to see how the guy adapt to the elite life