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They can write faster now without those pesky wieners getting in the way.

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I can only expect the matrix 4 to be mired with LGBT ideas that will take away from the over all story line. Have you seen Sense 8? It's awful.

Keanu should avoid this.

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Yes, I think I watched 2 episodes. It was a commercial for wiener removal.

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Fucking LOL, the Wachowski brothers are trannies now. That's a bigger laugh than fat Morpheus. Hollyweird really is a degenerate pile of festering garbage.

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That's funny I don't remember the 2nd one even having an ending?

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after the second movie everything went to shit.it must have been the stress that the wachofags were under or something because the quality of the movies sucked after big time

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i bet that the next matrix movie will have something to do with trans something as a theme top of keks