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I watched the first hour and liked it so far. Its my idea of a scary movie like contagion( I think, the one with the bird flu like virus), mix some facts in and suddenly shit gets real enough to be scary. The response of the government is a bit scarier than anything freddy or jason ever did. The end of the episode is kinda chilling I thought too.

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I have not. I am intrigued with the idea. But being HBO I am extremely skeptical that it will be any good. It is even less likely to bear any passing resemblance to reality.

I hope you get some good responses.

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First episode is good, also represented how controlling the Soviet regime was at that time in history.

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Is it only about the nuclear station, or does it show civilians too?

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Grabbing now. Update chas.

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I want to watch but at the same time I know nukes don't exist so it's all fake scare tactics. When they want to cull they will cull and use a nuke disaster to cover it up.