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2019-05-10 | John Wick 3 director says the Wachowskis are working on another Matrix film - The Verge

'The original Matrix debuted in theaters 20 years ago, and the Wachowskis followed up with a pair of sequels, The Matrix: Reloaded and The Matrix: Revolutions, to mixed reviews. '

'Rumors of a reboot or continuation of the franchise have circled for a couple of years. '

'A new report throws a bit more fuel on that particular fire, as John Wick: Chapter 3 director Chad Stahelski says the Wachowski siblings are working on a new installment in the series. '

'But The Matrix has always had the Wachowskis’ special brand imprinted on its world, so it’s hard to see how any future of the franchise wouldn’t involve them. '

'Certainly, having the Wachowskis return to direct or oversee that reboot would be preferable, given how they’ve directed and conceptualized the philosophy and world. '

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