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The Black Hole from 1979? Sounds like what inspired Event Horizon.

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If someone is remaking this movie it might be worth looking at Event Horizon too, but I think a Black Hole remake for adults would have a much better ending and probably creepier in a deeper way with the horror.

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It really is! Even the lost ship looks like a similar design. It has the body horror aspect, the build up etc. If it wasn't a kids film it'd be so much more like it. I'd guess someone on the set design or scripwriting must have seen it.

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A Roman Catholic critique of Oswald Spengler's philosophy and Gothic horror and visions of hell in a kids' film. What could possibly go wrong?

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We're now at the point where this Disney production is going to be terrifying and confusing generations of children thanks to TV networks showing it too. They should make a box set of it with the background material needed to understand its messages. Packaged in a child-size wheelbarrow. What were they thinking?

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The robot in this is WAY scarier than any other famous ones I can think of. Especially as it doubles down with fucking zombie ones and trapping people inside. How a little kid was meant to handle this I can't imagine

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That is probably the response of most parents and kids when they see some guy get his guts torn apart in a Disney movie and someone trapped in a burning hell within a metal coffin for eternity. Don't have any nightmares kids!

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If anyone was a budding movie maker and wanted to make a genuine deep and scary horror film then this thing is like gold dust inspiration waiting to be scooped up. You couldn't make it work by being superficial though, you'd have to do the work and reading to understand it and give it depth, but it would be worth it as you'd have something great on your hands after. Trying to make it kid-friendly at the same time to keep the paymasters happy screwed it up with this one and so it's a sort of mixed bag of gems and turds.

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https://invidio.us/watch?v=aDehgDO0zow :

Mjolnir at the Movies Episode 21: The Black Hole (Parental Guidance) - YouTube

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These auto archiving thing are awesome. It's good that it gives people options and helps stop things vanishing down the memory hole so easily...

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