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Based. Keep speaking up, frenchies. Take your country back.

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You know it's funny, but when this film came out minorities slammed it because it didn't have any minorities in it. The director got hated on, even back then for making a French film about French people starring French actors.

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Which is fucking retarded. The movie was based on a French location at a time when Paris was still mostly French. Anyone who complained about this is simply anti-white.

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Interesting, could be why MicMacs feels like a feature length Benetton commercial. Last movie of his I bothered with. Made my skin fucking crawl with how smug and progressively multiculti it was. And that was back when I wasn't even really woke on this shit.

If you've ever had the misfortune to flip through an old "Colors" magazine (Bennetton's little venture into culture and influencing back in the 90s) you'll recognize the formula that movie followed. Plus the main character is a mime, so there's that extra creepiness too.

Oh and btw: Amelie's love interest is Mathew Kassovitz, director of La Haine and The Crimson Rivers. A jew.
Of course that doesn't count toward minority representation when progressives are looking to hijack something popular.

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What's next, attacking Miss Scotland for only having female Scottish contestants?

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There were, but not enough apparently. Jamel Debbouze hails from Morocco. But with them its always gotta be 50/50 despite xx% of the population.

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When did telling the truth become a bad thing? Ever since I was a little kid I was raised to tell the truth or I would be punished. And now society tells me the opposite.

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The French need to admit that French Revolution was a mistake.

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French history is a comedy of errors.

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Scene 1: Amelie is running for her life down Menilmontant being chased by migrants. She is caught and raped.

Scene 2: She goes to the police station where she is chastised for racially profiling her attackers. Begrudgingly the police release a description of her attackers, excluding race, appearance, and country of origin. Amelie's friend goes on a speech about rape culture.

Scene 3: Amelie realizes the errors of her ways and goes in for a medical procedure to have her tubes tied so that she can't produce another white male rapist.

Scene 4: Amelie goes on to have a successful 23 year career preparing power point presentations for a local architecture firm before overdosing on painkillers at 46. As she loses consciousness for the last time she has a flash back to being a little girl walking along the Seine river with her mother and smiles briefly knowing that she did her part to end her blood line and fight the white patriarchy.


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you forgot "fade to black."

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Amelie votes for open borders the entire time, you forgot that part.

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True, also Amelie votes for UNLIMITED WELFARE the entire time, he forgot that part.

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Sounds about right.

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That's pretty good, we should crowdfund this sort of film.

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fund whitepills, not blackpills

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He must mean too much Islamophobia and not enough migrants

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Hmmmm.... I wonder what's changed in the last 20 years...

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I've been to Paris twice. Once in Fall 2016 and again in Spring 2017. Stay away from the 10th Arrondissement and the flea market area northeast of the City and it's okay. The tourist areas (Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre, Champs-Elyses, etc) are rife with aggressive migrant street vendors.

That was in 2016/2017.

The past 2 years have probably gotten worse, the way it was looking.

One thing's for sure, if you want to see actual caucasian French people in large numbers, you'll have to leave Paris and go out beyond where the public bus/metro/RER lines will go.

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So, only time travel to Paris now? Gotcha.

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I lived there in 2010-2011. There were pockets that were unbelievably nice and you could be lost in the city like it was a fair tale. But then you would be brought back to reality when a group of gypsies would come by or you'd smell the piss of migrants on the metro. Today I doubt those pockets exist.

What infuriates me is I know what Paris used to be. A tourist can delude themselves during a week long vacation by just ignoring the problems, but when you actually live there it's impossible to ignore. The residents don't feel safe and if they tell you there are no problems they are lying to be politically correct. The Parisians lie about the condition of their city in a way that would leave an outsider thunderstruck. They absolutely know they fucked up but they are more concerned about their social standing than the truth.

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Even in the 90s it was beautiful.

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tfw born too late to visit Paris in the 60s

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it's like witnessing the Glaciers melting. Something that stood for 1000s of years now done away in 2 decades

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I went there in the 90s.... the French were kind of assholes back then and few spoke English, but the city was nice. Nowadays, you couldn't pay me to go. I actually declined a conference 6 months ago with paid air and hotel.

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They were that way if they thought you were English at least.

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"He also cited difficulties of shooting in Paris due to multiple construction sites around the city, so "Paris is ugly now" ".

It's just the construction sites goys. Nothing else.

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Hahaha suuuuure.

It's not the Arabic graffiti on the streets that I saw every day that cover 300 year old buildings. It's not the smell of the African Markets that shut down entire streets. It's not the metro that is looking more and more like 1980's NYC. It's not the security barriers that are placed around monuments like the Eiffel Tour. It's not the fact women aren't dressing as elegantly and hold their purses close to their bodies.

No, it's construction sites.

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Probably building mosques

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you roaming moslems are beautiful yup got it haha

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Thank God. That movie is a treasure and I would hate to see it get the woke treatment.

  • Amelie's daughter marries a Muslim from Uganda.
  • Amelie's son is trans and Amelie is trying to raise money for his transition surgery.
  • Amelie's new son-in-law moves to Tunisia to prevent their own children from being cucked.
  • Amelie's husband kills himself when he realizes he has lost his daughter and son and Amelie not only celebrated the destruction of the family but advocated for it.
  • Amelie wanders into Paris no-go zone and gets raped by a gang of Muslims, all the while forgiving them and asking for forgiveness for colonialism.

6 Golden Globe nominations

4 Oscar nominations

100% critic review on Rotten Tomatoes

20% user review which is later removed from view.

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are you saying there might be an agenda with these awards and review sites????


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Actually, he could make a bitching sequel. It's been a while but the first was about her finding love and adventure in her beautiful country and her beautiful/crazy imagination.

So sequel. Pull the reverse. Her love ended (maybe died in an act of Peaceful diversity or maybe just a bad break up), her imagination twists and starts seeing how ugly her city, love, and adventures have become. Could be an excellent red-pilling moment.

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Always try. Sometimes they listen.

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