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The next movie will be: Gay Crippled Nigger Trannies from Space!

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I wish that was a joke.. Its so fucking absurd i honestly am going to turn off my computer and pray that the next iteration of humans isnt as disgusting as this. You hurt me man, right in the feels..

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Gotta tick all the boxes, eh?

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"trans, deaf and JEWISH artist and actor of color". Lmao

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Whaaaattt the fuuuuuccckk

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Fuck this upvote system for new accounts! I can't give you shit but I clicked it anyway.

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It's to keep faggots from acting like faggots, like you. Mozzletoff. Don't you dare question me, I'm Jewish, you filthy goy

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Gay Niggers From Outer Space?

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But for one, brief, shinning moment she rode that SJW wave to the TOP! She could have had it all, women wanted to be her and men wanted to be with her. There was nothing she could not do, no man she could kick in the balls, no patriarchy she couldn't smash. It couldn't last forever, a star that bright never does.

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I wouldn't be surprised if some channer type made that petition specifically as lefty bait.

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We don't need to anymore.

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the whole point of (((the left))) is to break down all trust within society and have every waking moment in each individual's life be a struggle session. "eating each other alive" is a feature, not a bug.

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The political spectrum is best represented as a two axis grid: authoritarian to libertarian/anarchy as the Y axis, and collectivism (left) to personal responsibility (right) as the X axis. Communism and fascism are similar because they are both authoritarian.

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Oh I remember the time when nobody cared what you were because you did your thing and left everyone else alone. Oh you're gay? Cool, let's talk about that movie we all like.

Now I want faggots and trannies gassed to death in camps.

Insert before/after /pol/ meme here.

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Yep. I actually supported gay marriage - "They just want to live normal lives like us, let them have it." But that is not AT ALL what they want. I hope they are wiped out at this point.

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I always said if we allow gay marriage, we are gonna open it up for bisexuals to have both a husband and wife. Everyone called me bigoted but you see this complaint constantly now. Also, it pretty much led to gender dysphoria being coddled and not treated as a mental illness.

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The moment the minorities turn on the white women we'll have them back in our corner. But do we want these disloyal whores?

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Women are large children, keep that in mind when judging them. Also keep in mind that women are loyal to men, not cucks and fagits. Would it be realistic to expect their loyalty after decades of boomers and hippies?

The good thing about women's total lack of accountability is they can change stripes when it suits them and have no recollection of things being otherwise. When white women wake up to the game and come back, it will be like they never left.

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I don't want to mate with something so mercurial and stupid. Frankly I would rather beat it half to death and leave it in a ditch. You can mate with what is left if you want.

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It has already started, but women are so disloyal and unempathetic that they need it to happen to them individually. It isn't enough for them to see it happening to other white women.

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Of course we do. Because many are still loyal. The coal burners, etc, will either breed themselves out of the race or will come to see our way of thinking and find some low value white guys to return to.

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Good God these people are ridiculous

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I don't get it, the whole point of acting is that you play something you aren't. Why should the actor's personal life be important? They do know that Captain Marvel is a fictional character, right?

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