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All right, here are my thoughts as someone who's never partaken in any previous iteration of the franchise:

  • It might piss off the but-his-arms-aren't-blue crowd, but I for one am glad they gave Sonic two distinct eyes. It's hard for me to look at him without imagining peeling back the partition to reveal one massive eyeball with two pupils.

  • Casting Jim Carrey is a risky choice nowadays, for reasons wholly unrelated to his acting abilities. I did, however, enjoy his delivery of "No, but thank you for asking."

  • The pulling-rank banter goes on way too long for a trailer of this length. And the child-in-bag joke was funny, but it should have ended after "it's not mine" and a quick reaction shot. Hopefully, the movie itself will have better comic timing.

  • A nice touch: the sound effect at the beginning and the rings replacing the stars in the Paramount logo. It implies the movie will stay true to its roots, as opposed to something like Super Mario Bros.

  • Not a nice touch: The soon-to-be-outdated FitBit reference and describing someone as "basic." By making a film adaptation of a video game character created decades ago, you seem to be saying the character is timeless, and the film itself should therefore be timeless as well.

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My instant thought. Although most movies today have some type of pedo or never Trumper

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Imagine being a quirky kid who gets through a tough life by contorting your face for laughs. It’s your one real talent; it’s not clever or skillful, and everyone is laughing at you rather than with you, but it works in a way. You decide you can make something of it, so you become a comedian.

A few years pass and your career of mugging and flailing about at the expense of your dignity is finally starting to pay off. You get a couple roles in tv and movies that take off. Money starts rolling in. Before you know it, you’ve become an A-lister, but the fame and money come with a price.

You’ve been typecast as a buffoon. Every role is just the same character type with ever increasing stupidity. The laughter of the audience begins to haunt you. It mocks you. You become defined by the insecurity it drives in you. You try redefining yourself as a serious actor, but the roles are fewer and farther between, and less successful than your old comedic roles.

Suddenly your life is a catch 22. You bury the shame of your self mockery with the satisfaction of fame and relevance, but in order to remain relevant, you need to keep taking the comedic roles that make you hate yourself. Your loveless marriage fell apart, and you’ve since made a habit of quieting that incessant mocking laughter in your head by fucking any hot wannabe actress and groupie that wants to get mounted by a real legit star. Some of them have diseases, the fucking whores, but you need to keep that shit under wraps or the idiots might stop funding your next project.

Then she came along. You don’t know why she got it in her head that this was a long term thing. She should have seen the pattern. But she got the STDs from you and she got stupid and forgot to shut up about it. You tell her how shit work here, and she flips out and offs herself. Fuck, now things are complicated. You try to play it off, but the texts are public. Now there’s always going to be that stigma of “the guy who drove his girlfriend to kill herself after giving her a bunch of STDs” attached to your name.

The roles were already drying up, but this accelerated it. You know how this business works. At this stage in your career, a one-trick pony like you can’t justify a casting director’s favor just by being in the inner circle. You’ve got to shout that shit from the rooftops to get their attention at this age, and in your case, you’ve got the edge at making an ass of yourself and getting attention. So that’s what you do. You don’t even remember if you believe it or not. The std’s have fucked with you’re brain so much it’s hard to remember what’s real and what you’ve convinced yourself is real. It’s what they want to see and hear, though, so you do it. You do it just to keep going; to bury that shame of the blood on your hands and that laughter ever haunting you.

And some day you die alone and in pain. You never loved anyone, and in turn nobody ever loved you. But someday maybe someone notices how complicated and sad your life really was behind the camera. He might try to tell your story. It’s ironic that you once did a similar biopic once in your own life. Maybe this one will be just as sincere. He goes to a producer and sells your tragic story. He even has a young, up-and-coming comedian to play your part. The fat, hook-nosed producer considers it for a moment before waving his hand. “Biopics don’t make a profit,” he dismisses, “ let’s make it a soft reboot of the Mask, but with a woman. I’ll hit up the clubs tonight and see if I can find your lead. Maybe one who’s willing to do anal.”

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Looks like shit but I would have seen it because Sonic, but Jim Carrey is in it? Pass.

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The soundtrack is crap. I was surprised by Jim Carry. He is good, but too thin. Also Sonic's legs are too long, which makes him weird. I am surprised they made Jim Carry look more like Eggman than Sonic as Sonic.

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https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=FvvZaBf9QQI :

Sonic The Hedgehog (2019) - Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures - YouTube

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