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The mind of an absolute sponge. She's soaked up all of the propaganda and not an original thought is left. Just an unfuckable waste of human existence.

Anyway, the new star wars movies blow. I'll probably re-watch the classic trilogy for the 1000th time at some point this year, nothing really compares. Meanwhile, you couldn't pay me to watch these new ones. Anyone else feel like the age of classics is over? Like, the whole growing up watching classic movies thing as a kid, will our grandchildren be watching these new shitty movies and think they are good?

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The original star wars movies are nothing special either. They are severely overrated.

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The first one is actually a very good hero’s journey tale and follows that story structure closely.

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It was the dawn of the era of exaggerated movie marketing, so you could get away with saying shit like "space opera."

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Classic movies have been dead since the early 2000's. I'm done with star wars after the last Jedi. I never saw solo, and I won't watch any new movies, shows, or video games ever again. Disney and star wars can cater to the generation that can't come up with original idea. Fuck all of them.

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Its because back then, there was one movie coming out every 2 month that was made by a big studio with means to make a movie thst was different from everything else and ultra realistic. Now, there is a new marvel every 10 minutes. Classic films are non existant because when everything is excellent, then everything tends to be seen as mediocre overtime. Just like watching the olympics from 1930 looks like a cripple show compared.to todays performance.

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I thought Rogue One was real solid, actually. Solo feels like mediocre space opera star wars knockoff. The trilogy is a money grubbing, political pandering, cancer that ruined my childhood.

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Rogue one, especially the ending, was amazing. Solo could have been good but too many shitty messages had to be inserted. Never watched the last trilogy, never will.

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Absolutely, a great movie.

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I actually really enjoyed the Solo movie.

I felt the solo actor was a bit.. poorly cast, but otherwise it was really good!

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Agreed, I saw one of the new ones and it was almost unbelievably bad.

Have an old dvd player/vcr and a bunch of my old favorites, and am collecting more. My toddler's still going to get to watch the same ones I did, when we do movie night.

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Remember that it's possible to go too far with that. The toddler doesn't need to relive your childhood.

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The more I sat through the last Jedi the more I realized the Empire did nothing wrong.

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Except their tactics and childish demeanor. Shoot priority targets, be stoic.

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Why can't she write the name Trump? Does she think it has magical powers?

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She used to think Trump was literally Voldemort.

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His name makes her ill.

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You misspelled wet.

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Brought to you by the same dolts that think "the N word" != "Nigger".

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They stopped doing the tRump shit, because no one got it. I actually didn't realize it wasn't a typo, until about a month ago.

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Even if you don't like his policies, the best thing about Trump's presidency is how he has absolutely revealed the left and the MSM as the insane haters that they are. Now when you hear them talk about love and tolerance you can just laugh right in their faces.

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Screenshot of an example of this: https://imgoat.com/uploads/534b76d325/211181.jpg

Trump seems to be good at making his enemies reveal their true nature.

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Amazing. "We need love and healing" because this win by Hillary looks to be close. Then "Fuck you racists whiter people!!!!" when Trump won. LOL How quick the phony peace and love masks come off when they don't get their way.

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Wow, gross.

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For fucks sake, what in the hell is a man of color? I'm a nigga, people who look like me but act like savages are dindus. Isn't every man a man of color or are there some transparent folks out there I haven't met yet?

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Means non-white, everyone but whites, all the people except Nords, no anglo-saxons, Europeans not allowed, no habla ingles, adios gringo, honkies and crackers forbidden, laowai not permitted, white devils unwelcome, Haole go home, Nazis not here, goy will be shot, no Becky or Chad; No Scots, Celts, Brits, Frogs, Swedes, Pollacks, Italians, Germans, Spaniards, ect.

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are there some transparent folks out there I haven't met yet?

To be fair I can see why they would be easy to miss.

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The only achievement of “a woman and two men of color” is somewhere on pornhub. Liberals are blind and retarded.

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A lot of it's on bestgore as well.

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I know some people like this. They’re fascinating to poke at for a few hours, but ultimately all you can do is just feel sorry for them.

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A scrapbook of tweets like this should be made into a coffee table book titled "Why Hitler Is More Popular Than Ever"

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