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Member when people used to line up for movies?

That isn't happening now.

Go to a mall that has theaters and there's relatively little action.

Hollywood accounting at it again. The IRS should be auditing them to the wall, but they're immune because the glow in the dark niggers still see it as a propaganda tool. Too bad they can't keep up with changes.

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Well, yeah. What white person wants to pay $10+ to watch movies filled with darkies pushing subversive, anti-white narratives, all while being in a room filled with fat, obnoxious darkies who loathe your very existence?

I just check any movie I want to see (which is a very rare occurrence these days) out from my local library system and watch it out home. I'm not spending any of my income on the cinema ever again.

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None of them are worth watching for free, especially when you consider it's all mind shrinking propaganda.

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Glow in the dark nigger?

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They usually work for CIA, not IRS.


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I didn't get this reference either.

Cool username, dude.

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You may be on to something, the projections for the first week sales had dropped below 100 mil in the weeks leading up to its release, so maybe the plan was to buy out large amounts of pre-sale tickets to artifically increase the sales to make it look like a success. Considering that $50-100 million is pocket change to the people pushing these political narratives it's feasible, and it would also explain the "sold out" shows with all the empty seats.

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Spend an extra $100 million on Captain Marvel to protect Avengers: Endgame, which features Captain Marvel in a substantial role and is potentially worth a billion? It's a theory.

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Could also be that they bought out the entire weeks worth of sessions

300+ sessions of Captain Marvel at 69 cinemas

10 sessions at 6 of those cinemas playing literally anything else

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Joey Salads...lmao

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I had heard that some clothing store (Abercrombie maybe?) was giving away tickets with sales. I suspect that is what happened. Buy a pair of pants, get a ticket. Don’t go to the theater because the movie sucks, but it counts as a ticket sale anyway.

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I wonder who wrote that article???

Oh, here we goy

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That smirking faggot wrote a dick-sucking article for Marvel at every step of the way. He's a full time Disney shill.


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he's a jew acting in the interests of jews.

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He is a jew your bastard! Saying bad things about him (even though you are 100% correct) makes you an anti-Semite!!!! You are on the list!

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The Jews have probably edited the bible so many times that it probably originally read like Mein Kampf.

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Not a single person I know that still goes to the movies, (mostly relatives) has even mentioned this movie. Not a word.

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I haven't seen a movie in over 10 years I'd waste time seeing in a theater. Plus the theater is now filled w/ ch1mps ooking & eeking. I'd rather view them on my 60 inch anyways. Although I haven't picked up a flick at the redbox in at least a couple years. The schmuck who wrote the article is a SJW schl0m0 maggot so anything this vermin says is suspect.

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If it were historic I'd be hearing it at the restaurant I work at non stop. I haven't heard a peep. People are more interested in the umbrella academy.

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Car makers pull the same shit... Mercedes got caught selling inventoried cars to the dealers as "loaners" at a huge loss just to say that sales hadn't collapsed. They would also hide cars in the ports to create artificial shortages of the rare cars to drive the demand up. They got stuck with a warehouse of 300k maybachs about ten years ago.

(((Big business))) cannot be trusted with any numbers.

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are there that many nigger rappers still buying Maybachs.............

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Chinese movie studios have been caught buying out tickets to boost the box office, you can bet your butt that Disney would be willing to pull the same trick. https://www.bbc.com/news/blogs-china-blog-45318316

After Star Wars and with all the publicity and the agenda riding on Captain Marvel Disney can't afford to have Captain Marvel fail. It's not a financial thing, they can lose money but if it appears to succeed their agenda goes forward, a succes.

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Yeah,it's called "lying". Jews do it a lot.

But consider this,no one has ever said a kind word about the Micheal Bay Transformers movies yet they always make tons of money. Likewise,many movies that never really seem to entire pop culture also make tons of money. According to Hollywood,anyway. What if Hollywood is just one big money laundering scheme? I've suspected this for a while. What do you guys think?

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What if Hollywood is just one big money laundering scheme?

It is, and it's even well documented.


It's how Jews took over Hollywood in the first place. There wouldn't be a Jew problem in Hollywood, but the whites who founded the studios and made them successful wanted more money and to get out of paying taxes. So they called up their hook-nosed accountant buddies for help. "All you need to do is give my son a directing job". Fast forward to what Hollywood is today.

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