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How fucking hard is it to just be a celebrity actor and pretend to be nice?

It could be so simple.

You have the most privileged profession on the planet earth in the most obscenely lucrative mega-franchise.

You get to be an instant icon with almost no effort.

You get to be immortalized on screen as a superhero, the closest thing we have to a god in our popular culture.

And you can't help but fuck it up simply by repeatedly being a smarmy bitch.


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The model for how to behave as a celebrity actor is Kenu Reeves. Now that's class.

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Reeves seems like a genuinely good person, he's been through some shit and if I was to hang out with one actor, it would probably be him. And I hate acting in general.

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Chris Pratt too, Idk how he runs a family farm along with acting, but he does.

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There's also Daniel Radcliffe. If I recall correctly, he hasn't gone crazy yet, at least not in a way "celebrities" do.

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True but one problem. He is NOT acting.

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Flat bottomed smarmy bitch.

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Dont forget that horrendous lack of titties, too.

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Her ass is flatter than Quincy, ME's girlfriend.

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I read her bf broke up with her recently, seemed like some sort of ugly white guy bf too. But that's probably why she is such a bitch now.

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I am pretty sure she was a bitch before. Hence, the breakup.

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Probably a jew who helped get her into hollywood.

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They are banking on earning goodwill and appeasement with the people who love to hate. Its the sort of thing weak people do when they see a bully targeting someone in a weaker position than all of them and right now the weakest people in hollywood are straight white men right the way though identity politics up until maybe black disabled transwaman which there aren't many of that get attention.

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When is someone going to smack some sense into this cunt? She is wayyyy to used to getting her own way. She isnt nice and shes not that attractive (a 6 at best, not awful but plain) so why does everyone keep kissing her flaps?

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Not even plain mate, blockheaded no-waist boy-hipped battlecunt.

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Ignoring the garbage she says for a minute, I'd agree she's a 6 - a fit white woman with tiny tits and no tats or piercings that I'm aware of, better than average but just a little.

Her personality is what makes her unbearable and even less attractive. The whole package is a hot mess and full of red flags.

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..the studio doesnt care about the franchise either. Else they wouldnt have let it get this way. This is proof that hollywood was NEVER primarily about entertainment. Its always been about narrative and advancing degeneracy first.

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It is a three-phase strategy:

1, use entertainment to lure Christians away from their religion, icons and saints by presenting new, larger than life heroes, new icons. You will remember many Christian motives twisted into new stories with no mention them being Christian in origin. Movies 60-90s were that phase.

2, as the new stories, heroes and perceived saints have drowned out and displaced the tradition, these heroes and stories are used to sway everyone into a distance away from tradition, transport propaganda and manipulation. This was cinema 90-10s

3, kill the idols and franchises when they are no longer usable in phase 2, creating an empty spiritual void as everyone's stories and tradition was carried by movie heroes that are now forever tainted and retroactively unlovable characters. Regular citizen now has nothing to pin their stories on to, not tradition and not Hollywood. Citizen is blackpilled and oftentimes ready to receive any new programming to fill that void. And most of them receive the media's (((program))). This is 00s to today's phase.

Unfortunately for (((them))), many people with their core idols lost and the firmware ready to receive have received the first info now from some long defunct Reddit dissent subs, excellent memes, redpilled YouTubers and then substance from Voat, 4/8chan etc.

And suddenly, more millions of young adults have found a new, old hero who never really went away, who is also rooted in tradition and who also has had numerous mentions in Hollywood movies, always as the ultimate boss of all bad guys. With the movie heroes turned to wimps, idolizing turns towards their former arch enemy who coincidentally also represents the arch enemy of the studio's bosses as well.

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If they can manage to fuck up a spiderman movie... You gotta realize it's on purpose

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MCU has always been boring. Every one I have gone to see (at the insistence of normie friends and family) is boring, predictable, and FULL of jewy sjw messages I could really do without.

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Larson is not nearly as attractive as Scarlett Johansson. Not even close. When you see them side by side it's so obvious who is better looking. It's bone structure.

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Both are stuck up cunts. Johannson only gets away with it because shes hot.

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I was never wild about Johansson. Maybe it's cause she's jewish. Idk. Elizabeth Olson is prob the hottest chick in those movies.

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Elizabeth Olson is prob the hottest chick in those movies.

Damn right, I would love to pump her with my seed.

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both Jewesses

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Why do I care about these people at all?

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She stinks and I don't like her.

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"Interestingly enough, the same day Jimmy Kimmel interviewed Brie Larson, a rumor hit the net offering the Avengers cast is not happy with her and that her MCU future is in doubt. It is even suggested that Elizabeth Olsen isn't a big fan of Brie Larson, that Disney isn't happy with Kevin Feige, and that Disney CEO Bob Iger isn't happy with the direction of the Captain Marvel movie."

...and investors and the World aren't happy with CEO Bob Iger...

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It is even suggested that Elizabeth Olsen isn't a big fan of Brie Larson,

Cat fight soon?

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