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That looks interesting.

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I didn't see a single nog in the entire video. Looks like China needs a little diversity.

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Their first blockbuster in 3000 years of Chinese history .. looks decent enough, think they have to field their local actors first. I guess the rest of the diverse world races will be featured in the sequel if this sells well.

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Most Americans can't be troubled to read subtitles, and they miss out. When Eastern, Oriental, Asian movies are remade they usually cast the lead as a White or maybe a Jew, they will also push a bunch of mulattos, negroe into the film, then some dyke or gay followed by the token yellow dude in the corner, Oldboy, Death Note, Rings, My Sassy Girl, were all terrible remakes, Hollyweird doen't just ruin foreign films they also ruin their own classic franchises. 'The Departed' was one of the few foreign remakes i enjoyed because it kinda told its own story, it didn't try to anything stupid to the HongKong version, it was its own film and Scorsese knows how to make good films. For a while Hollyweird was obsessed with remaking French-language film now its old Hollywood franchise remakes, Asia Anime remakes into Hollywood or Asian horror films ... as for remaking the next Smurfs or Marvel Black Panther or bla Starwars or 50 shades of Sodomy or reimagined Superman or Transformers or Stephen King crap its like they have totally run out of ideas

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Chinks ... in ... spaaaaaaaaaaaace!

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Looks interesting, not a remake, no superheros, no nigs in space. I'll watch.

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Damn.   Looks good.