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The will to act

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The oscars are filled with lying pedophiles, murderers, drug addicts and criminals .... adding Neeson improves the place with his honesty ... maybe he's gonna go full Mel Gibson soon

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...oh.... yea maybe.

Idk man I was just making a Batman Begins reference.

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https://archive.ph/g6Kad :

2019-02-04 | Liam Neeson reveals he walked the streets with a weapon looking for a 'black b*****d' to kill | Daily Mail Online

"Liam Neeson: i’d like to kill any black man but not in a racist way. ''The reactions to Liam Neeson’s interview is as expected.", "Scumbag. ''Congratulations to everyone who had money on Liam Neeson getting canceled this week in their 2019 Canceled Celebs company pool.", "Another one of my legends has got to go. ''Imagine if Liam Neeson had stopped looking for his daughter in Taken, just picked a random girl out the street & was like “yup, that’ll do”.", "WILD. 'Liam Neeson 1) says he wanted to kill a random black man over an unrelated crime 2) thought this was an anecdote he could share to promote his movie. ''Wow so Liam Neeson is f***ing cancelled."

'She would say, "Where are you going?" and I would say, "I'm just going out for a walk."'

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He explained: 'There's something primal – God forbid you've ever had a member of your family hurt under criminal conditions'

The conditioning failed with this one. He should be like the family that took in a Mexican after one murdered their daughter.

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...and a couple of years ago he went all ANTI gun and started spewing how nobody should have guns. around the time the taken movie came out.

fucking actors need to just act and shut the fuck up these people are so fucked in the head they can't be themselves its like dysmorphic personality disorder

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He should've searched harder and found then killed him.

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I love how he was unable to find a negro in the UK during an entire week.