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Wow, wasn't expecting that much info. Great post.

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sounds like nigger flix @ardvarcus

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thanks, the preview was kind of intriguing. Remember when you saw previews and wondered if it was any good?--now you first wonder "How anti-white-mail/anti-western-civilization is it?" [notice I'm not asking 'if it is or is not' but to what level'] and then you wonder if it worth watching.

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That really is a great review. You might be the red pilled Siskel.

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I was told that it's wildly different than the books.

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Fantastic review - Don't forget that the "dead white guy savage killing machine" is defeated by Mary Sue falling in love with the cuck.

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Thanks for the review..!! Really a nice one..

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That's unfortunate, I wanted it to be good because it looked good, but nothing can be good coming out of Hollywood anymore