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I'll have to watch that! Thanks.

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Vice sure glorifies parastic lifestyles!!! WHO should pay for these miscreants consequences except for THEM? Why is it that parasites HATE the establishment but EXPECT it to PAY for their care and repair when THEIR consequences manifest. Skaters, niggers, famous singer wannabees. GARBAGE people who think they are ROYALTY.

Did you see that Paris Hilton's Paris-ites show? Even has the (supposed) flames of hell burning Hollywood in the intro/exit credits.

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So after a drunk, high brainstorming session that would make paranoid schizophrenics look amateur, they come up with people and countries to blame for their election losses, and so far, we have Facebook, Twitter, reddit, Voat, Daily Stormer, Fox News and Russians.

Which is funny, because AFAIK Zuckerberg was anti-Trump and FB was deplatforming conservatives on its sites. And Russian trolls on twatter does NOT mean that "Russia was involved". It's difficult to explain that to lefties though, who do hold on to their beliefs like Moslems due to theirs. It's honestly sad seeing them build their own reality, insist that it's true, and then project. I guess it's true that those whom the gods wish to destroy they first send mad.

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The media is close to being honor killed. I'd seriously be looking for another way to buy Laboutins if I were a media employee.

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Never heard of either of those movies