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The Empire literally didn't do anything wrong.

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It's the story of a man who tries to unite the galaxy, but, tragically, is stopped by his love for his son.

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Han shot first!

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Alderaan funded terrorists that continually attacked the empire. They fucked around and got glassed.

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They put Jar Jar in charge of something, senator? He gave the speech saying Palpatine was to take over. Why is he still alive in the story line?

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I saw a video with a compelling theory that he was supposed to be the other sith lord they could never find. He had been banished, but somehow manages to show up at the exact time of the invasion landing exactly in the right place to meet the jedi. Following that, through a string of improbable luck, he manages to find his way (read: deliberately conned his way) into a trusted position, and then sold everyone out. At Qui-Gon's funeral at the end, Jar-Jar's positioning in relation to the chancellor is also quite suggestive.

Also: he was banished, but when he shows up at the capitol city of his people, their reaction is fear. Why would they react with fear years later if this was just some bumbling idiot?

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That was the Republic.

The Empire was tits.

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Jar Jar is the prime example of useful idiot.

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Falls apart when you know the Death Star blows up planets.

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Luke represents a new generation of Americans.

Obi-wan represents the pacifists who didn't want to fight the war.

The Empire represents America's control of the world.

Darth Vader represents the "best generation" that fought WW2.

The Emperor represents Jews controlling the state.

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Sheev Palpatine did nothing wrong.

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Too many people give up. It’s so easy.

u/tallest_skil for example. He wants everyone to believe no one will fight. No one will stand up. To be heroes.

I disagree. The world will change. We are not weak. We are not defenseless. We have our spirits. The overpowering force that stops us is one that strived hard to be that way. We can too. We can strive harder. Because we can fight. We will fight.

Are you reading this? Enemies. You know who you are. We will not be defeated so easily. There will always be one who will fight you. We will not surrender. Prepare yourself.

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They were all commies he killed so not really


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That guy is my personal hero.

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For a deeper understanding of humanity, think about this and how it makes Star Wars so compelling. Then look at this post again and realize jihadists are seeing the same compelling story in their real lives.

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The globalists preach that America is an imperial power, then run in horror if a nationalist agrees.

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I read something like this before, in the run up to some wars you had some very interesting blogs and twitter accounts commenting... yrs ago when the Syrian thing was kicking off and they were marketed as protestors, rebels etc some guy posts, some other experience commentator writes, someone else was posting on a word press and blogspot syria civil war rebels star wars terrorists.... it wasn't the usual shit you would get from Hillary or McCain...these guys on blogs basically say the jihadi terrorists and young islamics don't question anything, they see themselves as 'heroes' or some shit instead of killers or terrorists, even play out hollyweird characters in their mind sometimes ... they don't question the violence or madness in their Quran and see a narrow view, they see everyone else as the big evil Empire ... anyways not sure where this guy was from America maybe i dunno Canada? Aus ... ex-military and had an interesting insight, he said one time he would have cheered for the rebels but not anymore, now days he said the way the world media viewed it all was completely wrong. He was right about islamists invading Syria, predicting bloodsheds and even genocides and maybe Assad might be the lesser of two evils. The original director writer George Lucas himself has gone full hollyweird lefty married one of these BLM niggaz, he also compared George Bush to Vader ... this however was at a time Bush and his Neo-Con squad was making a totally ass of everything, passing the patriot act and telling everyone 'you are either with us or with the terrorists.'

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Excellent point. It is a matter of whom you identify with. Logic takes one to great ends, but is far too often not on a foundation of truth.

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One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter.

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Yes, but, to my understanding, their is truth, obscure as it may be.

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From a certain point of view.

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Underrated quote. Best call out in this thread, lol

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The Death Star explodes planets.

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That's cool, but can it explode Israel?

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Thats's really cool.

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Who knows maybe Obi Wan brainwashed Luke and everything he thought he saw was just an illusion

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You ever see that black mirror show where the guy is tricked into killing people

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