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any other recc?

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honestly, i dont watch much movies these days.i spent most of the time reading stuff over the internet,shitposting on here and gaming.i mean, i see little innovation when it comes to story telling in movies.most are almost the same script over and over but with different actors.as a kid i used to enjoy watching lots of tv and series and movies but the political/niggerism and genderqueer of it all has put me off to the whole thing.

its pretty rare to find a movie or a tv series in which the hero is not a woman,negro or some other roles with leftist ideas.

i mean, i dont care if i see a black person co-starring some show or movie but to make him the star just because he's black or she is a woman just reeks of pandering to me.

i do watch some super hero movies because i'm a nerd at heart but even then you can spot the political message if you look carefully.sorry that i dont have anymore suggestions but if i find something i will post it here :)

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i see little innovation when it comes to story telling

That's my attitude with anime. As I started to get older I fell more in love with stories that have great character development. Movies like The Hustler, Seven Samurai, The Bourne Identity, The Breakfast Club. Or, in anime Serial Experiments Lain, .hack//SIGN and .hack//ROOTS, The Hakkenden: Legend of the Dog Warriors.

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i watched this movie on amazon and boy the movie is thought provoking since it talks about issues like can freedom be pushed or be forced when people dont even want it? will our future be set living in an alternate reality while forgetting who we are? and it even talks about corporate government/fascism

i found the special effects to be reasonable good for a B-type of movie and the acting was decent in most cases with the exception of one character or two.the script could have been better that's for sure but even at that the movie was entertaining.there's some swearing and a lesbian/nude scene that i felt that it was gratuitous but that's it. i recommend to you if you dont have anything better to do and love SCI-FI movies....tell me what you think?

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/u/Broc_Lia has a movie night on voat, a lot of people in his threads follow current film trends

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Thanks, I'll be starting those up again now the holidays are over.

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I watched it per your request. Here's my review.

That would have been a much better "Ah HA!" moment, like Nash is smarter than them and out played them.

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yeah i agree.glad that you watch it :)