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By the 3rd movie you might cheer for ' Ivan Drago' ... Get this, the third movie Rambo III is now heavily censored by hollyweird (((types))) @Meme_Factory_1776 at the time of Carter and senile Ronnie Raygun the media wouldn't take about things like Irangate or how the USA and CIA were supporting islamic terrorists in Asscrackistan. The character Masoud (Spiros Focas) is a reference to Ahmad Shah Masoud, a real-life lislamist mohomedan pedophile terrorist, an islamo terrorist fight against Russia the Soviets? or the Taliban or did he know bin Laden? ... or what about the daddy who came to America with his tv station and election? and connection to the Nightclub massacre in Florida? The hollyweird loved mujaheddin would later become the Taliban and connect to terrorists led by Mullah and later connect to a global ring of Saudi and Al Qaie`da terrorists in September 2001 who killed thousands of inncent people in suicide hijakcer attacks inclduing the destruction of the WTC. Mullah Omar and Osama Bin Laden both fought the Soviets as Muj during the wars supplied with bombs, guns and missles from the USA which would later kill Americans.... https://skeptics.stackexchange.com/questions/28476/have-the-ending-credits-of-rambo-iii-been-changed The British DVD has the Mujahideen dedication. All your screencaps really prove is that they have redone the captions when they mastered your specific DVD release. – JamesRyan Jul 19 '15

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Neat. I write closed captioning files myself. It's fun to fuck around with. Write some personal nonscence about a buddy sucking dirty donkey balls and then burn a DVD and give it to his old lady , top kek.

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