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I do find it interesting that nobody on the left batted a fucking eye when W'Kabi mentions "If you let the refugees in, they bring their problems with them, and then Wakanda is like everywhere else."

Have a white dude say that about America though, and there would be screeching for days.

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The fact that you know the nog character's name betrays that you are a supreme dweeb. hahah

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The Chinese reviews are funny, sometimes they commented on the political element but they mostly hated the visual aesthetics. China films loves it bright mix of shiny colors in its fantasy, kungfu and love the bright reds, whites and yellows and blues in their period pieces glowing bright color. They often because the film's colors are a bit too dark, it's nearly a torture for the eyes to watch. Black Panther too 'politically correct' for China as ticket sales dive in world's second-largest market https://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-03-17/black-panther-too-politically-correct-for-china/9546206 “Maybe the Chinese are still not used to a film full of black people,” wrote one reviewer on Douban (link in Chinese). https://qz.com/1226449/a-torture-for-the-eyes-chinese-moviegoers-think-black-panther-is-too-black/ The commenter said he had to pinch himself more than 10 times to stay awake during the movie because “Black Panther is black, all the major characters are black, a lot of scenes are black, the car-chasing scene is black—the blackness has really made me drowsy.” .... and historically politically Black Panther is kinda interesting, it came out at a time when Stan Lee‎; ‎Jack Kirby and others were watching marches for voting rights, guys like MLK, or a terrorist extreme Afro group the 'Black Panthers' shooting blowing shit up, America has moved on since then richest woman in America a black woman Oprah Winfrey, a half-Black? American President Obama, I think the message of the 1960s in comicbooks about Wakanda etc is totally lost on the current generation drowned in a tsunami of crap pop culture, shit hop, rap music etc. If you look at the stats of all these Black on Black crimes, African-Americans shooting robbing and attacking other African-Americans, drugs, crime, drive by shootings it seems rather than wanting to evolve the Black culture today might even be de-evoling. It's funny reading the Chinese reviews like they give zero fucks for political correctness.

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I like how the author criticizes Chinese audiences for rating it a 6.5ish, but praises the 97% on Rotten Tomatoes. News flash, the 97% translates to an IMDB 8.2, and fan reviewers left a 79%, both of which include colored reviewers. Seems to be a bit of denial going on that maybe the rest of the world didn't like the movie or seeing romanticized Africa.

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I was never interested in the movie as I've stopped watching TV 10 years ago and have refused to give Hollywood any of my money for just as long. Your comment has confirmed I have most certainly made the right choice. The anti-White messages are clear and I will NOT help fund their agenda.

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The tribal stuff is a requirement for 60%+ of black Americans in order for them to relate/understand. Make it too civil/advanced and it becomes too “white” for them.

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Its weird how they spent millions of dollars to make a movie with that as the functioning thesis, but you're the racist for noticing it.

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it's a shitty comic movie written by a jew. with a forced nigger narrative and cast to sell to niggers and further indictrinate shitlib whites.

if blacks wants a super hero so bad spike Lee should write some horrible shit from scratch and let the Jews produce it. actually itd still be horrible.

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The movie, as a movie, was boring. As a matter of fact, my wife and I paused it about 2/3 of the way through to take a bathroom and snack break and we never started it again. That was several months ago. The only character I really liked was the bad guy played by Amdy Serkis.

But it is just shitty material to make a movie from anyway. Okay, comic books have all sorts of weird origin stories, and unlikely coincidences, and magical (or almost magical) items. So, I could live with a magical metal called vibranium. And I could live with it coming in an asteroid and being found only in one place. But if it is so damn special, why are they so weak they have to just hide themselves? And if they aren’t weak, then how shitty are they to just be rich and advanced more than anyone else but offer no help to anyone else? This is especially bad because they are in the shithole of Africa. Their neighbors aren’t advanced civilizations that don’t need help.

The entire premise was not just implausible, but stupid. No one would have ever acted in the way Wakanda did to get where it is now. And if it was in the position it is now, it would still be retarded to continue to act as they do. I mean the original writers must have been dropping acid when they came up with the idea and then got and stayed drunk while they fleshed it out.

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And if they aren’t weak, then how shitty are they to just be rich and advanced more than anyone else but offer no help to anyone else?

Why must more advanced civilizations offer help to anyone but their own? Fictional or real.

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That's rich, based on your username.

You know why. Civilization is a Ponzi scheme, you gotta get more recruits to get your cut.

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Them not helping anyone and being isolationist is fine, that's how they were written by Priest. The problem lies in them not helping anyone while expressing post colonial ideas, snidly calling Whites "colonizer". Wakandans had the power to prevent European colonialism and they choose not to. They should have their own word like goyim or gajiin that applies to all non-Wakandans.

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You kidding? Niggers will not drive their grandma to the hospital without gas money.

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Because that is the leading ethos of superheroes and Black Panther is a super hero from a supposedly superior culture. You can disagree with that as a goal, but it is not internally consistent for them to hold up Wakanda and Black Panther as heroic and at the same time have it completely at odds with pretty much all their other properties.

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This should be a post on v/niggers

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The movie, as a movie, was boring.

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Wakanda... Only successful black nation. Ever.

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A movie full of spear chuckers. No, I'm not using that as a racist term for niggers, they are literally a bunch of spear chuckers. For that alone it was awesome. Everything else sucked, dumb story, anti-white racism, etc. I think the funniest thing is that in a work of fiction with gods and magic space rocks that can open wormholes to usher in flying space worm invasions of Jew York the least believable thing is that a bunch of niggers in africa created something that wasn't a mud hut and weren't raping infants to cure their AIDS. Maybe that happened off screen.

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No shitlord, laser spear chuckers!

Honestly, how can you fucking aim shooting from the hip?

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She was married to Black Panther in the comic books. Bishop went into the future and killed everyone on the entire planet Earth trying to kill the Cable guy from Deadpool. Comic books defy all logic.

I always wondered why they didn't make Storm into She-Thor when they decided to do that whole agenda of check boxes. She's called the goddess of lightning and she's black. It would've made sense and checked every diversity quota on Earthy minus gay.

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The left can't meme. Those of us who believe in things like Objective Truth or Aesthetic Value still have the ability to create.

The can only manilulate and change. That means you can make a compelling story much more easily than them, even playing by their absurdities.

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Storm can even go with the African immigrant/refugee angle. But Bishop is a cop, so they don't like him.

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Wikanda had a giant wall to keep other Africans out. They also have a zero tolerance immigration policy. So I think an example can be made here.

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I didn't bother to see it when they started circe jerking, "Oh finally a black comic book hero movie! Blacks deserve this!"

Yeah, they didn't make a ton of Blade and Men in Black movies.

Oh, right, those were just movies with heroes that happened to be black and weren't identy politics propaganda.

If I were black I would be embarrassed that they had to invent some pure black movie to pat me on the head and say, "This is for you."

I'd be even more embarassed that they couldn't even just put it in s plausible world, but had to invent a "secret magical land" where Africa is advanced and prosperous due to everywhere ran by blacks being the exact opposite in the real world.

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Ethiopia would have even been a great example country! They've been Christians since Biblical times, and have some of the most amazing churches in the world.

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