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Theesa goin' in meesa's meeme holocron collectchun.

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Imagine what it would be like 100 years from now finding an old cpu and booting it up... Like a strange time capsule.

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My old phones are my photo albums including memes and sexts from old flings. Never getting rid of those things

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100 years? Even finding an old storage device or file of mine years after I used or made them is like a strange time capsule.

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I loved the prequels. Episode III is my favorite episode of all the Star Wars. I grew up on Star Wars. Saw A New Hope before it was called A New Hope, during its original run at the drive in. I remember I was so angry when all the (((reviewers))) tore apart the prequels. No movie was perfect and just because the prequels had some stupid characters/parts, didn't mean the movies were trash. I liked the Ewoks as well, I just figured haters were going to hate.

Having said all that, that Star Wars movie with girl Luke was so god fuck awful, I've never watched a Star Wars movie again. That one movie ruined Star Wars for me. I haven't even watched any of the old movies since I saw it. It's forever a shitstain on something that I once loved. Pure poison. The worse part... I'll never get to see George Lucas's final vision for his movies. I remember as a kid him talking about having a nine part series all ready to go. I waited forever for the prequels, half my life, and was rewarded for my wait. Then I waited yet again, years and years for him to make the final three. I remember articles about him talking with (((Disney))) on suggesting the story. The (((critics))) tore this idea apart and then Lucas said (((Disney))) wanted nothing to do with him or his stories.

Lucas had Luke. Dude got fit for his final shebang. Freaking Solo was still alive. Even that old cunt was still around. I would have even welcomed black Lando. I would have welcomed seeing a black man in a movie. But no, the movie was bad beyond description. It was completely hollow. Completely unforgettable characters. Mary Sue lead which was impossible to relate to. None of the spectacular environments or scenery that was standard issue for Star Wars movies up to that point. Not just a bad Star Wars movie, but a bad movie. I've seen much better B-tier sci-fi movies that had more character development. I can't even remember the point of the film. Something blowing up I think, but I honestly can't remember as the entire event held no interest to me.

The first Star Wars had Luke using some magical power he found inside himself to defeat an (((enemy))) that seemed so powerful it was undefeatable. In The Empire Strikes Back the (((enemy))) reveals his true power by showing that they brainwashed his own father against him. Then they tie up the story quite nicely with the father understanding his mistake of allowing himself to be influenced, controlled and manipulated by the (((enemy))). It was his son, the next generation, that was so pained by his father's seduction to (((evil))) that he himself could not be influenced by it and in so, defeated (((evil))).

The prequels begin with the wise man continually attempting to teach his disciple that he must sometimes go with his feelings. He must trust in himself and not allow outside influence to affect how he sees the world around him. The second episode ends by showing the full strength of the (((enemy))) and how he pitted them against each other to gain power. The (((enemy))) felt undefeatable at this moment. No power in the universe could stand against the (((enemy))). The (((enemy))) had all the cards and everyone that seemed to matter in his pocket. Even those that would have been their greatest allies were turned against them.

The third movie ends showing the punishment for falling for the (((enemies))) lies and promises. Yes, getting everything you want in life sounds great, but over indulgence leads to your own destruction. Anakin knew what he was doing was wrong. He knew what was expected of him to move ahead in life. His personal gain was more important. He put himself above his own people.

The Star Wars movies were created to teach us that sometimes we must make hard decisions. We must know what is going on in government. We shouldn't be ignorant of what is happening behind the scenes. We may think our inactions will somehow help us avoid the coming storm, but it's those very inactions that allow it to happen. The message continues to show that it is our children that will be the ones to save us and they can overcome. This is Star Wars.

The new girl Luke movie was about NOTHING. Sadly, even right now, all I can picture is some Kike rubbing his hands together while reading this. Feeling so beyond reproach. So satisfied in destroying something I so once dearly loved. If only Lucas hadn't taken the money. If only he had been Luke instead of Anakin.

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Beautifully written.

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Episode III is my favorite episode of all the Star Wars.

I definitely do like Episode III. That scene on Mustafar where Anakin screams, "I hate you!" to Obi-Wan actually took me by surprise and made me tear up a bit, I'll be honest. It was weird seeing Hayden Christensen being kina wooden all throughout the prequels and then all of a sudden we get this burst of emotion.

Out of the prequels, I think Episode III is the best. Now it's a shame to see these newer, more "progressive" Star Wars with Mary Sue Skywalker and token PoCs.

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Star Wars wasn't just movies, they were about the craft of movie making. Building huge sets, costumes, powerful musical scores. It was as though the people making the movies knew the world would be watching and this would be their one chance to shine. Money and greed didn't seem to be what drove them, but to be part of something special.

The girl Luke movie was soulless. The artisans probably lined up outside the studio to be part of this epic event to make the 7th Star Wars movie in a series that had endured for over 30 years. The (((Disney))) owners probably took one look at the extremely long in of white males and screamed, "NO, WE NEED DIVERSITY" aka no white males. Then they brought in some habibs, niggers, gooks and the most poisonous of all, woman. The few white males that were probably allowed to work on the movie probably had to do so under the management of liberated "women". You can literally see that every aspect of the movie was terrible. It was as though the white males working on the film felt utterly defeated and probably didn't even get a voice in the movie. My guess would be that at some point they just gave up. The women writing the script most likely wrote themselves into a corner and made completely and utterly stupid decisions like forgetting the training aspect that every Jedi up until Mary Sue had to endure. Then they couldn't figure out how to end the disaster and said, we'll just have the shiny woman stormtrooper allow them to blow the place up and while were at it, let's kill that evil white male Han Solo and we'll even have the funny looking new evil bad guy cry for a bit.

Even John Williams obviously phoned in this movie. It lacked any originality whatsoever in the score. I'm honestly not even sure if he didn't just take unused cuts that didn't make it into previous movies and just recycled them into that pile of crap.

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Great take, great write up. Thanks

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The prequels were firstly designed for kids, so there is child pandering which is the biggest complaint people have. the movie would have been fine with anakin aged up to his teens, no jar jar and, well thats pretty much it really. People judge the phantom menace far too harshly, its not a great movie but it did a lot more for the series than the bullshit that was released recently that brought nothing new and recycled the prot verbatum from the original. it could have been better, but it didnt ruin star wars.

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One Jew literally spent an hour tearing apart The Phantom Menace. He tore apart every single scene, bit by bit. He pointed out it didn't have a single hero to focus on, never mind that's called an ensemble cast, no different than what we saw in Lord of the Rings. Most of what they had to say was half truths. Yes, there were legitimate complaints, but they made everything seem 1,000x worse than it actually was. It was across the board as well, the Jews tirelessly tore apart the prequels.

Maybe the whole thing wouldn't be so obvious if it wasn't for the absolute praise for the new movies. The movies (((Disney))) bought for 4 billion dollars. It's almost like they wanted Lucas's movies and did everything they could to turn his fans against him. I voiced plenty of positive opinions on his prequels, just like many others, but we didn't own (((media))) outlets. We didn't own Eddit as a platform. Fuck, I was banned from Eddits Star Wars sub. It's almost like they didn't want anyone on there saying positive things about the prequels or pointing out how bad the girl Luke movie was. I wonder why?

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But muh Darth jar jar though.

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Jar jar was the biggest mastermind of them all

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This was my fave fan theory until (((they))) took it from me. It hangs together in a slapstick kind of way. The Darth Plageus book was my favorite of the now non-cannon legends. There was a time when all the books were held fairly well together. Then they sold it to Disney for Minecraft money. What a farce. Even Lucas said after the fact that he felt he sold it to (((white slavers))). Ugh the shuddering. Darth jar jar come save us all.

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Jar jar was the biggest mastermind of them all

Why would you say that? He never once mentioned trannies!

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If stephen spielberg is a known homosexual pedophile I guarantee george lucas has more than a few dark secrets as well.

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For one, he's not very talented.

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The fuck? Lucas isn't very talented?

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Lucas is a goy, so he is probably not a homosexual pedophile (aka Jew) or as bad as Spielberg, but he is part of the Hollywood machine none the less.

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Read my post, https://voat.co/v/movies/2948921/15896814

Lucas was trying to warn us about the Jew, but then he became the exact thing he warned us about. Maybe they threatened his kids, who knows.

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If Spielberg telegraphs his pedophilia by writing all of his movies around kids with moist lips, then the closest equivalent Lucas would have would be a fetish for accidental incest. I’d likely chalk that up more to being a poor writer on his part, though.

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That's a very compelling argument, I think I'm going to look into that


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The ability to speak does not make one intelligent

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Episode I was pure trolling by Lucas. You had gook treacherous aliens complete with ching-chong accents, a yid lid wearing Jew alien who says “your Jedi mind tricks won’t work on me” only money, and a pure minstrel show in jar-jar. Most under appreciated Star Wars.

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Now I won't be able to watch star wars without thinking that George Lucas just wrote high and shirtless

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Very true!

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What do whites need to truly diversify to the maximum extent? To grow horns? This is how stupid the leftist thought is on "diversity" in general.

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