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Hollywood is incapable of making a movie for pure escapism purposes; they have to make them a lesson in social justice and tell viewers that Orange Man bad.

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Hollywood is nothing but propaganda. They have the money, they do not care.

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They'll care when the propaganda organ dries up with only million dollar returns.

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Is there really anti-Trump stuff in it? I haven't seen anything about that.

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From one of the reviews on IMDB:

1/10 Terrible, wasted a good Xmas visit with my kids imdb-2328326 December 2018 This is a terrible movie. Not funny. The jokes and gags fall flat and why the Trump jokes, American gun jokes, women's pay joke, and general anti-American sentiment? Is this what is seen as funny in Hollywood?? Do not waste your time or money on this movie.

More IMdB user reviews: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1255919/reviews?ref_=tt_urv

Apparently, somehow or other, they did indeed squeeze in anti-Trump jokes in a movie about a fictional 19th century British detective team.

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They tilted and off their game.

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Director Etan Cohen, who previously worked with Will Ferrell on Get Hard, is responsible for the movie, as both writer and director. Needless to say, this isn't going to wind up doing his career any favors.

Oy vey! Good thing he's a (((Cohen))) or he'd have no career in the first place!

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Wasn't Will Ferrell also in a picture of that dinner where they eat off another human being?

If he's not a kike, he's definitely an honorary member of the tribe.

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He also did a "mock" satanic ritual. He's definitely in with the psychos.

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Ah, not to be mistaken with Ethan Cohen

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I was going to ask if he was one of the Cohen brothers. Not fans of them really, but "The Hudsucker Proxy" was one of my favorite movies in my blue pill life. Have not watched it since, so not sure if I would still feel the same.

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netflix passed on it. that should tell you something. they buy everything.

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For fuck sake, one of the trailers that I saw was literally the 2 main characters screaming. And that was it. Soulless Jewish-made garbage.

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WAGNER, RICHARD. 19th century German composer. " On one thing am I clear: that is the influence which the Jews have gained upon our mental life, as displayed in the deflection and falsification of our highest culture-tendencies. (Judaism in Music)

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wow that's interesting and hopefully more opinions like this will come to light so people can see the truth.

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Yup. Those jews sure love yelling and screaming.


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Anyone stupid enough to walk in in the first place deserves what they get!

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Seriously. I don't remember the last time I went to a theater but its been years.

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Man, Sony is really killing it these days. Since moving their HQ to California they've managed to shit out Cuntbusters, now this travesty and are in the process of alienating every single Japanese developer and gamer with their hypocritical censorship bullshit (smelly Jewish dykes kissing and breaking a "woman's" arms with a hammer = OK; cute girls doing cute things = ban that shit).

Can't wait for them to really start bleeding money.

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The only good film out there is "The Mule" starring Clint Eastwood. He is one of the few Patriots left in the film industry.

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Knock on wood

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I mean the ads ive seen for it all looked like shit so im not surprised.

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