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Shazam is actually a kid, I suspect that's why he's blowing a bubble

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... Oh.

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Yea, Shazam is really Billy Batson a young teenager who is granted the powers of six gods by a wizard. https://boundingintocomics.com/2018/03/29/meet-the-marvels-the-original-superhero-family-with-the-powers-of-shazam/

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Now that's just transparenr and sad.

"See goy? I'm a milennial just like you! Look how Im standing with my phone and my hipster slouch! Listen to everything you hear goy!"

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Shazam is a teen boy when not Shazam. He's Superman's biggest threat, because with of all of Superman's strengths, he is very vulnerable to magic and that's literally the source of Shazam's power; magic.