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Ever thought maybe you're the idiot? Movies are made for the average person. I mean, it's one thing to criticize someone for not being educated enough to follow a movie's plot, but to be a pretentious ass about "He missed the metaphors/satire, what a jackass!" is obnoxious. I much prefer reviews from the average person than paid critics. I don't even read the paid reviews anymore. I glance at RT, then go to IMDB and see what's bullshit and what's not. I really don't care what people like you who worship established critics think.

Because I think you're dumb and a sheep. Paid critics can be influenced in so many ways. And they are.

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That site is notorious for being run by complete psychopaths.

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They are not psychopaths, they are judeo-satanists with fucked up brains. All popular sites belong to them.

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Yeah but their staff and Col Needham have been abusing the people for a long time.

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You talk like a fag, and your shit's all retarded.

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You saw Salo didn't you? Yeah it's way overrated.

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You are no better.

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But you are so much better, right?