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I predicted a best picture win last February because it checks all the important SJW tropes hollywood loves, and got laughed at on /r/movies.

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If they want the ratings to return, they should have President Trump be the host and just get out of the way.

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ever since oscars so white i just gave up on it. i mean srsly they refused to even address the actual race issue of asians being insanely under represented while blacks where represented on par with their demographic makeup

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I watched that shitheap movie and laughed out loud at the rhino fight scene at the end. You mean to tell me that this technologically advanced nation uses fucking rhinos as warhorses when they have hoverbikes and magic tech? Please.

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I liked how the niggers hooted like chimps and their warriors were literal spear chuckers.

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They have an herb that will turn people into super-soldiers. And instead of growing a ton of the herb, and harnessing its power for their entire military, they give it to the king. Because it makes sense to have the elite super soldier defender of your nation to be the king.


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That's another good point that I missed. They could've used that herb, given it to every soldier, conquered all of Africa with its abundant resources, and then become the sole world power but nope, they gotta stay hidden away because reasons.

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They had futuristic energy shields made out of blankets. How embarrassing.

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FINALLY! This way they can claim "race isn't a factor at all" for nominations...and I bet it wins a few awards because blacks.

I love it lol - what other superhero movie has ever been even recognized by the Oscars? But hey, toss in a slew of black folk and it's a Best Picture contender...does anyone really believe this is a Best Picture??? I'll even admit to enjoying the movie because I'm a nerd and I enjoy the whole superhero thing, but Best Picture?? That distinction is usually left to politically motivated movies that nobody would ever watch if it didn't get nominated.

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The are still smarting from #oscarstoo(((white)))

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Burn, hollyweird, burn.

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um, no. You people have it completely backwards. Making good films that normal white people can enjoy may improve your ratings.

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Movie was terrible.

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It was the worst Marvel movie I’ve seen to date, but Captain Marvel just asked me to hold her beer, so that might not last.

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https://archive.fo/lCdgm :

'Black Panther' poised to become an Oscars heavyweight | Daily Mail Online

'Black Panther has, in a way, already been to the Oscars. '

' Black Panther, to the rescue. ', "All of this year's contenders have by now screened, and Oscar prognosticators generally have 'Black Panther' in, comfortably, as a best picture nominee.", "And now

'Black Panther' is in line to shatter Oscar norms, too.", "For Coogler, making 'Black Panther' couldn't be more personal."

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