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I thought it was good when I fist watched it many years ago. I thought it was terrible when I rewatched a couple months ago. The message seems to primarily be "whites should give up and not fight to defend themselves and their communities, because fighting hurts too much ." It's a disgusting message.

They show the pain because of what the characters lost, yet that is precisely why they are fighting - to defend their families, communities, and way of life. It's such a gross piece of propaganda to turn it around so the beautiful things are turned around as if they are a necessary sacrifice to avoid risking losing them in a way that is more overt and more violent. Like "don't cut off your injured, infected and cancerous arm to keep yourself alive. Cutting off an arm really hurts!..." and it just leaves it at that like there should be any further deliberation to it than that.

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For a movie that was anti-bigotry, 99% of the black characters in the movie were ultra-violent, ignorant thugs who fit the stereotype. It did look like a white suburbanite's edgy movie about racism. A lot of black people in the hood just aren't like that. There are a lot of nerdy ones, a number of gays and even the criminal ones have a sense of humor. The fact that almost every black person in the film is portrayed as the devil shows the movie isn't as unbiased as you're led to believe.

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The final takeaway they spoon-feed you in the movie is that ‘life is too short to carry around so much hatred.’ In other words, embrace apathy... yea, great fucking advice. Things are gonna get better if I just pretend there isn’t a problem.

I wish I didn’t have to hate, it’s an exhausting and consuming emotion. But that isn’t a luxury we get to have anymore. Complete tolerance, or the lack of hate, results in the erosion of all morals and values, eventually leading to the destruction of society.

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Yup, like the "If you have nothing nice to say, keep it to yourself" bullshit.

There is no finer endorsement for tyranny than shit like that. It's sad how stupid people don't understand how that manipulates the average person to favor the status quo in their community.

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Why do you watch a propaganda movie?

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I agree, it was shameless. There were a ton of red flags.

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That movie was fucking propaganda. Big difference between watching it in high school and watching it after years in the real world. I completely understand why the cop dad was a racist that hated black people. From my work experience, I totally understand why. I completely understand why Ed Norton's character was racist too. I don't understand why Norton and Furlong changed their ways. The level of emotional manipulation in the plot was ridiculous. It omits a lot of things to make characters seem more sympathetic than they would be in real life. For example, the Jewish boyfriend the mother brings home is totally sweet, innocent and intelligent, most of the black guys are thugs but the movie gives you the impression the Neo-Nazis only hate them because they're black. Almost every black is a stereotype except the token ones meant to change Norton and Furlong's attitude to racism.

That said, I'm not a white supremacist like many on voat are. However, the movie is for high school kids who have yet to experience reality. There are a select few who have dealt with black people growing up and know it's all bullshit. I would really like to see a hood movie that depicts how shitty black America really is. Menace to Society probably comes pretty close, TBH.

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They never legitimately refuted the crime stats, the math, the logic to the arguments. They only presented superficial talking points.

Pretty much. He has convivial conversations with a nigger in the joint and apparently that makes him forget about all the hard facts and stats that prove that blacks are a blight on white civilization.

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I always tend to avoid controversial movies.

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Ever notice how niggers are ALWAYS portrayed as physically dominant over white people? Thought the SAME industry portrayed them as affable, subservient morons in previous decades?