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No Spider-Man no Venom.

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Just how much of a faggot are you?

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You got your panties in a wad over a comicbook movie?

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How was the movie?

Dawson's Creek? You watched that shit? I had no idea who she was so I had to look her up. Yeah, she's pretty damn fugly. Came across this article as well that may help corroborate your story. She knows she's a used up front hole so she'll take what she can get pay and part wise I guess.


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How was the movie?

Pretty terrible, honestly. The writing, acting, and plot are all substandard, even from Tom Hardy who is usually a decent actor.

I'd just watch Upgrade instead. Similar premise, way better movie.

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I watched approximately six episodes, only because my future-wife-to-be thought it was awesome. Should've been a warning sign, but it wasn't. Still avoided that bullet, but just barely.

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Wow you weren't kidding she looks terrible. And every picture is her at some awards thing where she's dressed up.

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I never thought she was pretty in dawson creek days either