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"Phillips’s life was pretty much ruined"

WTF? If she said no and left. How is that a ruined life? Because she won't be a rich and famous movie star?

They should be shot for messing with kids, but messing with grown adult women that will sell themselves for a job is called prostitution.

If their biggest problem is that other women will sell themselves for the job, then they should take it up with the other whores. Why should we care who wins the cat fight for the corner? Maybe promoting non whorish behavior would be to their benefit. Morons.

All these liberal wymynz are demanding to be treated like children. Who the hell needs them? Maybe they should grow up and fuck off.

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Chose to be a whore

is now a whore

ah I'm a whore now

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How would you feel if your daughter, or a close female friend (if you have any) wanted to be an actress, got to town and realized she had to suck some dick to get a part or be blackballed?

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You'd be surprised how many people are willing to pay that cost to live the good life. People are whores, I'm sorry.

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i wouldnt know, i dont allow my women to act like that. https://youtu.be/JcKJmjokN1k?t=990

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If my daughter or a close female friend wanted to be hollywood movie star, I'd be alarmed that she was that fucked up. Narcissists are not worth the trouble.

And by the way adult baby. Millions of people go to holly wood to be famous and don;t get famous. Where's their entitlement. NO One even aks them to suck dick.

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Hollywood was also built by Jews.

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The Jews are pedophiles, it's in their bible.

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It was taken over by Jews. The Red Scare was real.

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Came here to make a point not brought up in this article and rarely brought up in general: Hollywood is also a training ground for future mass rapist pedophile ritual murderers. While, yes, there are a host of victims of sexual abuse of both genders, there are also those in power who groom their followers to victimize, abuse, and toss away the hapless seekers of fame and fortune. I worked in development for a few years before having to come to terms with the fact that my (((bosses))) wanted me to either join their disgusting little games or become a victim of a hack job that would ruin my life on top of ending my career. I decided I'd take only half the equation and quit the biz and to this day encourage others of my ilk to do the same. Los Angeles is a treasonous hellscape of truly epic proportions. Don't come here. Don't associate with people who long to come here. They are lost and the world would be better if this town and everyone in it finally burned in the coming conflagration.

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Nobody caught this dog-whistle reference? "you will see the underlying monstrosity in Hollywood, as clearly as the hero of John Carpenter’s They Live sees aliens disguised as everyday people when he puts on the sunglasses."

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i focus on the positive... this is how to be joyful and why and how.

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Judaism is a sex grooming gang. Islam and Christianity too.

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Christianity didn't have that problem. Catholicism has only had it since Vatican II.

I don't think the Orthodox Church has that problem though.

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No the Catholic Church was infiltrated by communists and then they started giving priesthood to south American priests and being more lenient towards who became a priest.


There is nothing heretical about Vatican II.

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Atheist religion is just as guilty ( Belief in no god or A theist).

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... Care to give any justification for that?

All the primary flavors of Abrahamic religion are corrupt and abusive to the core.

I can't think of anything atheists - even the irritating fedora douches - have done that can compare to child marriages, ritual abuse, mutilation and the swindling of entire nations?

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Judaism is a sex grooming gang. Islam and Christianity too. sex doll

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Agree, but not totally agree.

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