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Stop filming

No.seriously that would be their best option, just stop filming.

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At like the second episode pretty much everyone should have been eaten. That would be the end. All the rest of the gay series would never have happened.

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It needs to be Bob Newhart that wakes up from the dream, though. Right at this point, Wayne and Garth need to walk up and unmask him as Old man Smithers from the amusement park.

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Damn. Good answer. I'm with you on this one.

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Well I can tell most of the people who bag on the series gave up awhile back. I get that for awhile it got a bit stale. The latest few episodes have been really good though. It is at the point they are firmly re-building civilization. They are living like the old west. it's really interesting stuff. Rick Grimes is gone, he was taken by the weird government/paramilitary organization that the Trash People founder was from. They are doing a spin off movie on what he's off to do, but he won't be back in the series.

They brought in new blood [cheaper salaries no doubt, better asses to boot since some of the hotties on the show let their butts explode]

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Too Filmy.

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I hate that lazy "none of it actually happened" ending. I'd rather just go straight to black randomly than that bullshit.

Personally I'd end on a win or a full 100% slaughter. They finally find some highly defendable/self contained location where the last survivers can finally take a break to rebuild/repopulate. Or military comes in to save the day.

Or go full slaughter and they all slowly die over the season to the very last person. Then maybe do a short clip of another group of survivers in another country. The fight is bleak but it's still going. Maybe humanity doesn't come back from this.

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The Walking Dead ending is the end of Season 1. Every episode since then has been trash and I can't even fathom how anyone can enjoy it.

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It's been a long, slow, horrible, cannibalistic death...just like a zombie's.

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Years later, everyone has been living peacefully in their idyllic commune with walker attacks well under control. One night, Rick dies of a heart attack in his sleep, gets up, bites everyone. Neegan is the only one who doesn't get turned. He hastily makes a new Lucille and bashes everyone's brains in. He walks 'till morning, dragging Lucille II behind him.

He stumbles upon a failing community. We see a montage of Neegan rising in power. We see the new community also rising in power due to Neegan's leadership. Violent scenes fill the montage. The final shot is Neegan holding Lucille II, smoking a cigar, and reclining on a chair upholstered with a tiger skin, while getting a massage from a beautiful woman. Neegan is barefoot, resting his feet on an ottoman made from the stuffed and preserved corpse of Rick. He's watching the Mel Brooks movie History of the World Part I on an old CRT television. We hear Mel Brooks in the movie say "It's good to be king!"

Neegan's lips slowly curl up into a smile. He laughs slowly and deeply. Cut to black.

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