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No surprise at all. Even the tailors made it look terrible.

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The trailers looked awful. I actually wanted to go see it in theaters because it looked entertainingly bad but unfortunately my local theater isn't showing it and like hell I'm driving 45 minutes to see it. Guess I'll wait till the Blu-Ray.

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Lead looks like a homo, Foxx is box office poison, and that actress has jew face, gross.

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How the fuck can you make a Hood movie w/o Flynn ?

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https://archive.fo/LjKVU :

Robin Hood is biggest box office bomb of year on highest grossing Thanksgiving weekend in history | Daily Mail Online

'The modern take on Robin Hood has proven to be the biggest box office bomb of 2018, so far. '

'The Thanksgiving box office weekend is considered to run from the Wednesday before the holiday through to the following Sunday. '

'The Lionsgate film starring starring Taron Egerton as Robin of Loxley pulled in just $14 million over a five-day opening weekend. ', "That's a small figure compared to the nearly $100 million budget the feature had to work with.", "The dismal numbers for the tale of the people's favorite outlaw posted on what was otherwise the highest grossing Thanksgiving weekend ever at movie theaters, the Wrap reported."

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Best movies

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Can’t wait to see this.