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Haven't seen the directors cut, but I have heard it makes the story clearer.

Well we're on directors cuts. See the directors cut of the butterfly effect. Way better ending than the theatrical release.

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Director's cut sucks dick.

Little more story, much less soul.

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I like the show so watching it multiple times is worth it. I personally don't like the Director's cut but that's mostly because they changed up the music a bit.

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I don't care what you like. I was asking if it adds more information, or not.

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Yes and no. It increases film length but mostly just adding deleted scenes and bonus content from the original DVD release.

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I've still never seen a good explanation explaining what the hell this movie is about.

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That was a COOL movie! CREATIVE! I tried to be in a movie with Drew Barrymore once, but I was in college and she was like 6. That got me into another movie with Ricky Schroeder later.

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That's usually a good site that has a text version of some info that is the only .5 seconds that really helps "explain" what is going on. Worth watching to find the info if you can't figure out the story otherwise. Very worth it if you can't get this site to work.