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People are tired of Robin Hood and King Arthur, especially when half Robin's merry men and half Arthur's round table are niggers.

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They just want to be historically accurate to how Great Britain was before the blacks were all kicked out and sent to Africa in the 15th century.

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The combination of ad blockers, never listening to Kike radio and not having cable/satellite TV in over 10 years is why I have never heard of this movie or any of the other movies mentioned in that article. I'm never giving those fucking Kikes another fucking cent if I can help it. I've turned down free Starcucks because I wouldn't put that Kike bile near my mouth. If I walk into a store and don't see white people in the advertisements, I walk the fuck out of that store. I don't look at it as difficult, more of a fun game I like to play called, "Fuck Kikes!"

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Same here. I had no idea this movie even came out. Being unplugged from the talmudvision and most legacy media dealers makes for awesome conversations with others as I just have to shrug my shoulders and exclaim "I have no idea what you are talking about. Didn't see it, hear it or know who thst person is." Always leave's them scratching their head.

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Errol Flynn already did it fine enough, we don't need these shitty adaptions.

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I'd love a new movie in the vein of Excalibur instead of this retarded bullshit

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Black guy teaches him how to steal.

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You spoiled it for me -- now I don't have to watch it.

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Some people are just lucky.

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Shocking how they cut that part of the story out of the Errol Flynn version.

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I had the misfortune of seeing this movie during Thanksgiving weekend. I don't watch TV, so I hadn't seen any commercials for it. My mini-review: White, Christian men are barbaric savages murdering children, while the Muslims are almost entirely black, noble, with more advanced military technology ie rapid-fire arrow ballista turrets. When "Rob" is stabbed for virtue signaling while trying to prevent John the Saracen's (played by Jaime Fox) son from being goodified. He is sent home on a hospital ship, the Saracen hides in the bilge area (meant to invoke a slave ship) on the ship to travel with him. Rob returns home to discover he is cucked by Bono's daughter.

John the Saracen is an absolute tactical genius and they plan robberies to takedown the Sheriff of Nottingham (played by Mendlesohn.) The flaming mine area located next to the GOT-esqe city is populated by poor deadlocked miners. Rob brings them Communism by handing them the stolen gold for free.

After a rich White people's drunken orgy with all Christian Church members, they discover that the Sheriff of Nottingham (Mendlesohn) and the Cardinal(played by Abraham) has made deals with the Muslim leaders to overthrow the nobility. Rob and John make a plan "let's redistribute some wealth" to steal the payoffs to the Muslims.

They lead an attempted Communist overthrow with the miners as part of the robbery. John is captured but his noble Islamic faith enables him to resist interrogation and escape. There is an inshallah before the Sheriff's death. Bono's daughter branch-swings to Rob, now cucking her white husband. which under the influence of the Cardinal(Abraham) turns him into the new, more evil version of the Sheriff of Nottingham. This sets up an obvious sequel.

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I just watched the trailer. The "miner's revolt" uses imagery from modern day protests. The soldiers look exactly like riot police, and the rioters look exactly like a bunch of antifa faggots.

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It's definitely a Hollywood Marxist resistance fantasy, funded by the Chinese. I was surprised there wasn't a transsexual in a wheelchair to spice up the overall historical accuracy.

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...and this version bombed? how shockingly surprising!


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Rob brings them Communism by handing them the stolen gold for free.

Actually the gold was stolen by taxation, Rob brings them capitalism by giving back their stolen property.

The sheriff is the communist.

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(((Who))) greenlights this shit?

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TIL they made yet another Robin Hood movie..

EDIT: Trailer! Bwahahaha what were they thinking?

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The nigger teaches him how to steal, how awesome is that?

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There's more to it than that. The firebomb against the shields from a masked man? That's Antifa fighting "oppression".

This is catering to a very specific audience. One that may be loud, but isn't that large and one that don't have a habit of paying for things as the box office had shown.

I didn't spot it in the trailer, but I bet you there's a tranny in the movie somewhere!

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I could only watch 25 seconds of the trailer. The "multicultural" propaganda was just too obnoxious for me to endure.

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Ugly Jamie Foxx, why is he in this movie? pathetic--There were never any blacks around in Robin Hood's day

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Banksy! Kingsmen was an amazing movie. Anyone here who hasn't seen it should (the 1st is better than the 2nd).

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Kang nigger

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Robin Hood.....and his black sensei?

It doesn't even look like a comedy.

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First they degraded King Arthur and made Merlin black and now Robin Hood. No British or Celtic lore is safe from adulturation.

Modernise it or don't. Bring it to modern day and have Brave Brits storm Parliment and steal their tax money back so they can police their streets and get real health care.

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I’ll take the Mel brooks version any day of the week

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that ver was hilarious because it was a spoof

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Lol i havent even heared of this movie untill now. Fuck movies its all propaganda now a days

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aint that the truth

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We're ruining Hollywood by ignoring them. Let's all do our part and make 2019 even worse for these evil vile self indulged pieces of shit!

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